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Moving to Geneva with 3 kids - anyone on here done the same?

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Twingirlsrock Mon 10-Mar-14 13:24:45


We are relocating from London to Geneva in the Summer. Very exciting - and MOUNTAINS of admin!

My real stress is around finding good childcare for my 3 daughters. I have 2 year old twin girls (3 yrs in November) and a 15year old too.

I think Ive sorted my lovely 15 year old but it feels like a bit of a minefield for the younger ones. Im looking at nurseries/pre-schools but I cant figure out if there is any governmental reporting - like an Ofsted - for Switzerland. Does anyone know?

Id also love to make friends with anyone living out there!

thanks so much!

SouthernHippyChick Mon 10-Mar-14 14:01:19

Try the "living overseas" board, sure you'll find help there smile

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