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travel insurance for europe and UK breaks - is it Worldwide type insurance?

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energyfirst Sun 09-Mar-14 06:10:17

A bit confused... if I want travel insurance for both europe and UK - is it Worldwide type insurance? Europe costs about 30 for famiy and worldwide 50+...

mrsnec Sun 09-Mar-14 06:22:23

Worldwide is usually Europe and beyond and a more comprehensive cover but does include Europe. If you're not travelling outside Europe then the Europe one should be fine and it should cover uk too but check the policy.

fuckwittery Sun 09-Mar-14 06:31:50

Just Europe - it should cover the UK too

specialsubject Sun 09-Mar-14 10:17:36

not worldwide, just Europe and UK to be covered. If you buy worldwide they may include the USA which really bumps up premiums.

don't forget your EHIC, which is free online.

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