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Holiday Insurance

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MaggieW Tue 05-Mar-02 14:53:38

Any tips for good holiday insurance to cover the three of us please? I'm looking for an annual there anything specific I need to look out for re cover for my baby?

Selja Tue 05-Mar-02 15:48:00

Which? magazine has just done a thing on travel insurance so it might be worth looking at that. We used Nationwide BS which was quite cheap. Don't know what the claiming procedure is like as we haven't heard back yet but I'll let you know.

Debby Tue 05-Mar-02 15:55:07

We've just got a policy with Atlas Direct - which was only about £50 for the year (I think)and seems to cover everything we need. I did quite a bit of shopping around before I chose that one - all on the internet - did a search on travel insurance.

helenmh Tue 05-Mar-02 16:29:58

We always get ana aannual policy with Options insurance. they are great value Tel:0870 848 0870 website

Rhiannon Tue 05-Mar-02 21:40:59

We have a worldwide annual family policy with ABC works out about £100 pa. (not including winter sports). R

MaggieW Mon 18-Mar-02 14:06:20

Thanks for that. Have sorted one out with Worldcover Direct for around £120. Be warned that some insurance policies (including Nationwide) don't allow independent travel for partners ie only the first named on policy is covered if you travel separately on a trip.

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