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north Belgian coast for October half term?

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SpookedMackerel Wed 26-Feb-14 10:51:48

Wondering about going away for October half term, we are not in UK and Belgium would be convenient (don't want to drive or fly).

Will the weather just be horrendous the whole time? Don't mind pottering on the beach in wellies and fleeces, but don't want to be blown out to sea!

Thought the DC (6 and 3) would have fun running on a big empty beach and cycling on the promenade, eating lots of waffles and chips. Know there is a tram too, so that's entertainment for dc2 sorted grin.

Other possibilities are Berlin or Amsterdam, but I thought DC would prefer the seaside.

And can anyone reccomend a good Belgian seaside town? Was thinking of Blankenberg, but very open to advice!

loopsngeorge Wed 26-Feb-14 22:04:09

To be honest Blankenberg didn't look that attractive when we drove through it - lots of concrete high rise apartment blocks. How about the Dutch coast or the Dutch/Belgian centreparcs and just do the beach as a day trip?

PortofinoRevisited Thu 27-Feb-14 08:21:47

Good website

De Haan is the nicest in my experience. A lot of the coast is very built up. I live in Belgium - and I have to say the idea of a week at the coast in October is not that appealing. However there is Sunparks which was a CP for a little while - and has the tropical dome. Easy to hire bikes and get about - it is very flat round there. The beach is lovely and you might be lucky with the weather. Belgian half term is w.c 27th October so it might be a bit livelier that week - lots of people have second homes.

SpookedMackerel Thu 27-Feb-14 13:58:35

Thanks, useful to know about Belgian half term, we get two weeks, so we can work it so it doesn't clash.

I went as a young child and feel we hired a big 4 wheel pedal bike-buggy with seats for the whole family, does that still exist (or has my memory made it up?)

Will have a look at that website, thanks and also at the Sun Park, but not sure, not really dh's thing - he absolutely hates swimming (he is more about the beer and frites!)

This is our only chance this year of a family break with just us, and we can't afford much - trying to weigh up if it is worth it!

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