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Sling advice

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Doodle1983 Tue 25-Feb-14 05:40:11

Hi. My baby sling arrived yesterday (yay) and I'm wanting some advice when out and about. Might seem like a silly question but what do I put the baby in clothes wise when walking him out in the cold weather ? Obviously if he were in a pram he'd be wrapped up but with the sling does it stay on under my coat and then my coat cover us both up? Or do I wear it on the outside and have him in a coat/suit as I would do ordinarily on an outing.

Soz for the daft question

hazchem Tue 25-Feb-14 05:45:45

It depends a little on the type of sling you have. But in general consider it as an item of clothing over your baby. I used to put a coat over both of us.

Bluecarrot Tue 25-Feb-14 06:20:58

Coat on over sling- means if you go somewhere warm you can slip coat off easily. Dress baby the same as you as they absorb your body heat.

dylsmimi Tue 25-Feb-14 06:26:33

Definitely a hat for the baby (&yourself if you like!) as it can be easily removed when indoors.
leggings or big knee socks keeps their legs warm. I have some huggalugs (i think) that are mereno wool and very warmas their legs are obviously sticking out and would normally be covered by a blanket.
happy slinging! What did you get :nosey:

dylsmimi Tue 25-Feb-14 06:31:14

Like these

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Feb-14 06:36:25

Thanks for the advice. This is only a temp measure as I can't push the buggy yet after my section but want to get out of the house. I have a baby carrier but he's obky 5lb at 3 weeks old and won't fit in it until 8lb.

I just have one from eBay dylsmimi to try rather than splashing on some I've seen - it's the same as the moby wrap

dylsmimi Tue 25-Feb-14 06:41:27

You may find you use the buggy a lot less than you thought! Its lovely having cuddles and being able to easily go round in shops, up edcalators etc.
if its like a Moby then you wont need the baby in a big coat or snowsuit as you have 3 pieces of fabric over baby and your body heat.
it is like having your own hot water bottle!
and congratulations on your new baby

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Feb-14 08:04:39

Thanks. I couldn't imagine fitting him in the sling with a coat on hence my question really - he wouldnt half be packet in! Lol

Thanks again

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