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Disneyland Paris Annual Pass from french website

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Elviani Mon 17-Feb-14 13:41:07

Does anyone has ever booked annual pass from french website recently?
I would like to buy the dream annual pass in the french website or promoparcs( it is so much cheaper than the price at the park, and kids only for 39 euro which is 199 in the park)
I noticed on the french site it stated that only for french resident. I am thinking about puttig the hotel address. Do anyone manage to buy the etickets and also converting it to annual pass without problem at DLP? Thanks

Christelle2207 Mon 17-Feb-14 14:02:02

Don't know the answer but if it suggests you need to be a french resident and you aren't, I suspect you will be unlucky. All french carry an ID card so really easy for DLP to check this.

jolufc Mon 17-Feb-14 19:19:52

We got them no problem from that site. Had to pay the membership fee then the tickets were emailed to us. The email got us through the gates of the park then went straight to the annual passport office to change them for tickets. 3 other families also done it on our recommendation. Do it- saves a fortune, as long as you go back again and check the blackout dates. The cheapest pass can't be used for several days after purchase so we get the 2 nd dearest one. Can't remember the name of it.

CaisleanDraiochta Wed 19-Feb-14 20:22:49

I bought annual passes from CEM in October (just after they introduced the rule about French residents) and exchanged them no problem in December in the park. I had actual card tickets sent to me through the post but I believe they do it by e-ticket now, that you print at home. Like you say, it saves an absolute fortune doing it this way.

The reason the tickets are cheaper for French residents is something to do with French tax laws (this is the reason you have to join and pay a membership fee) but it is Disney who have asked the sites not to send tickets abroad. obviously the companies who sell the tickets aren't too happy as they are losing income due to this rule, so they are still posting them on the quiet I believe, as long as its kept quiet from Disney.

Once inside the park Disney have no way of knowing how you bought your ticket and as you have paid they are obligated to exchange it for the annual pass. For all they know your French cousin Jean-Pierre bought the ticket and gave it to you as a birthday present grin

There are 3 different levels of annual pass. the cheapest is Francillian, which you can't use for a few days after purchase and has blockout days when it can't be used either. the second cheapest is Fanatasy which can be used straight away but not on Blockout days. the dearest is the Dream pass which has no Blockout days and also has the most additional benefits, like free parking and shop/restaurant discounts.

Elviani Thu 20-Feb-14 15:09:42

Thanks everyone. I have tried email the cem, but they told me that they no longer posting it outside france, and ask me to buy the non promotional tickets instead.
Promoparcs has eticket, but currently its membership fee is 167 euro, so it still not worthy.
I am waiting for its membership fee back to 20 euro.

CaisleanDraiochta Thu 20-Feb-14 21:14:11

I have a current membership to Promoparcs, if it helps, though i can't currently see they have any Disney annual passes available right now.

Cemac1 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:41:08

Hi. Did you manage to get the annual passes after . I bought mine on promo parcs last year but am finding it difficult now. Any suggestions please ?

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