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tenerife - resort (e.g. Luabay Costa Los Gigantes) or apartment?

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paperdiary4ever Sat 15-Feb-14 22:02:04

We're thinking about Tenerife, either at Easter or Spring half term.

I've been reading about a lovely sounding, family friendly resort, Luabay Costa Los Gigantes. Our kids will love the pools and all the activities, and there will be entertainment in the evening (often difficult time to fill in an apartment holiday).

Trouble is, all the TripAdvisor reviews are about the resort itself, and the immediate area. I get the impression the people who wrote them were after a slightly different sort of holiday to me, very resort-focussed. There is no information about accessibility of Tenerife's natural attractions ... the National Park, whale watching, snorkelling .... and those are some of the main reasons I want to go to Tenerife. Even the hotel website doesn't really mention them, which I find worrying.

Without a lot more research, I just don't know whether the balance of our holiday is likely to be 50:50 resort/excursion or something else. Unless public transport is an easy option we may want to hire a car to go exploring, but then we won't be using the resort facilities so much and might feel we've wasted money on it.

Should we just stay in an apartment instead? Is there a better choice of resort that makes the island's natural attractions a more integral part of the holiday? If we find a resort that runs excursions will that be a better option than going independently (I'm not keen on coach-trips, unless there is lots of time to explore independently once you're at the destination). Anyone else had these sorts of dilemmas? Any advice?

concernedP1parent Sun 16-Feb-14 09:56:15

The hotel you mention is a first choice holiday village. The situation of the hotel isn't great. It is at the top of a very steep hill into the nearest town which is full of tatty tourist shops and a small beach. There is however, a lot for children to do at the hotel. The rooms are good because they are all suites.

There is a bus service down to Los cristianos which takes about an hour.

Snorkeling in Tenerife I can't imagine being that great but that comes from someone who lived closed to the Great Barrier Reef!

From what you have said I think you'd be better with a villa and a car but it depends if you want to self cater.

specialsubject Sun 16-Feb-14 10:39:41

sounds like you'd hate a resort - I'm the same.

Tenerife has an excellent public transport network, and Los Gigantes is connected to it, but it will take ages to get places. Base yourself at the Costa Adeje end of Las Americas in an apartment. That puts you near the central bus station from where there is a daily service to the national park and many other places. Also excellent walking above the town.

you might want to hire a car for things such as Masca.

have a look online, there are 'real' tourist guides to Tenerife which tell you that there is lots to do. Also look up the bus service, here is the English site:

specialsubject Sun 16-Feb-14 10:40:38

ps if you are visiting Las Canadas, remember it is high up - take proper walking shoes and warm clothes!

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