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UK Trains - baby changing facilities?

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theclockticksslowly Sat 08-Feb-14 11:43:54

I'm going to be doing a bit of travel by train shortly with a 6 month old. I'm just trying to recall if there are baby changing facilities on any of them?

Mainly the London Paddington to Swansea First Great Western intercity train and the aviva ones that go from cardiff to Manchester? Anyone know?

Out of interest, what trains are best for travel with babies? Any tips for best carriages, where to put stroller etc etc

I avoid train toilets as much as possible but somehow I don't think I'm going to get away with it with dd!


Mum2Tigers Sat 08-Feb-14 11:56:56

The FGW trains have a roomy area at one end of carriage E (I think, it's the carriage next to the buffet, if you're going second class). But that space right be designated for disabled travellers, in which case I would reserve and specify that you want that seat - assuming you want to keep your pushchair out instead of folding it away for storage. The train has a large toilet in between first and standard class, which I think has a changing table, although the floor would def be big enough to spread a mat down. Someone who is more observant will hopefully come along to confirm...

FGW also have a priority seating card scheme thing ?? For pregnant women, the elderly and those travelling with infants, that might allow you to specify where you want to sit..? Best to phone up maybe. I have no idea about Aviva trains, sorry.

purpleroses Sat 08-Feb-14 12:02:53

Your best bet with a buggy is to look out for the wheelchair or bicycle stickers that most trains have by some of the doors - those are the best places to find space for a buggy inside. You might even be able to leave it unfolded if there's a wheelchair space with no wheelchair user in it. Similarly with the toilets - look for the disabled ones where there's usually room to change a baby.

cupoftchai Sat 08-Feb-14 14:32:46

Change discreetly in buggy if at all poss, ie if just a wet nappy the toilets are always horrible!

cupoftchai Sat 08-Feb-14 14:33:26

Also there is a very good top tips for travelling by train thread I read on here in the summer

Helspopje Sat 08-Feb-14 14:38:12

you aren't allowed your buggy with you on eastcoast or virgin and there are no changing facilities.

I travel up and down a bit and with a 6mth old would chose to use the carseat on my travel system as can unclip it and wedge into the seat next to me and stow the rest of the buggy in the guards van or folded in the luggage area.

travelling by train is a disaster with a child in nappies imho. I have had to change mine in the bit between carriages before now because the toilets were awash with pee
and had a lot of snooty looks/rotten comments.

Grumpla Sat 08-Feb-14 15:21:54

Train loos - one of the few times I've ever seen the point in disposable changing mats!

On older rolling stock I would change on the floor in the vestibule between carriages as the loos are always tiny and revolting. Newer trains are usually better and some of the really new ones do have a changing table over the loo.

Useful to have your stuff for the journey in a rucksack rather than bag with handles as you can stow pram in rack then carry baby and change bag down the carriage without too much juggling.

I used to use a sling quite a lot too - then had baby on front, bag on back, push pram with one hand and one hand free to hold handrails etc. That made changing trains much easier and less likely to have to rely on someone noticing you struggling and help you on / off train with pram.

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