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How to plan holidays with an active 6 year old and a baby?

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claphammama Fri 07-Feb-14 09:38:33

We need to book our summer holidays soon and I need some advice. Our older boy is already at school so we need to go during the school holidays. He will be 6 this summer and our baby will be 9 months so we will be in the weaning stages. From your experience, what would be the best holiday for us? We need some entertainment and activities for our 6 year old but we also need facilities for the baby. Last year we went to a great all inclusive resort in Greece and it was perfect for our boy - he made friends, had a great kids club on site, entertainment in the evening and could eat and drink whatever he wanted (as long as we approved!). However, this time we also have a baby that will be weaned at the time... So still won't be able to eat normal food and will still need milk. I'm not sure if I will still breastfeed at 9 months so we may need boiled water in the room etc... and what do I do about his food? Don't want him to live on jars for two weeks... Would self-catering be better? (but at the same time we want to have a relaxing holiday and no cooking for ourselves). What about Mark Warner? Do they do baby food? I know they look after babies in the evening so you can have a break but would they also look after a 6 year old? And, if yes, which of their resorts is best? We don't really have any clear preference for the location at this stage so are very flexible. Please advice!

SooticaTheWitchesCat Fri 07-Feb-14 11:36:47

When our girls were babies we always found self catering the best option (we still do now they are a bit older too). You can prepare food and heat milk and you also have more space.

We never cook for oursleves, we just have breakfast in and eat out the rest of the time.

dreamingofsun Fri 07-Feb-14 14:17:50

self catering, with a BBQ and reasonably priced restaurants is the way to go - or at least thats what worked for us.

we did mobile homes in france a lot when the kids were younger. easy to pack everything into the car and no hold ups, waiting around at airports. BBQ, french pick nick food, takeaways, crepes.

you might find eating in restaurants with kids of that age more stressful than having simple/easy meals cooked by yourself in self catering - where they can get down from table when they feel like it or it doesn't matter if the baby is crying etc

staverton Thu 20-Feb-14 22:30:45

Can I ask which all inclusive Greek resort you went to?
At 9 months the baby won't need special food- you can just mash up yours? (If not too salty)
Eurocamp mobile homes? With a kids club on site?

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