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Rome with a 7yo

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SueW Mon 08-Mar-04 14:08:23

We've decided to take a short family break to Rome and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for hotels. There will be three of us - DH, me and 7yo DD who is learning about the Romans at school but doesn't yet know we are planning to go.

DH has been once and stayed in a 3* by the Colusseum but would prefer to stay somewhere posher.

Also is central Rome pretty much like central London in that most of what you want to see you can walk to quite easily if you know where you are going?

Twinkie Mon 08-Mar-04 14:12:55

We stayed in the Rafael Hotel - is tres posh - near Piazza Navona - they have a lovely roof terrace and the food is scrummy and delicious!!

Rome is quite easy to get around - trevi fountain is coolest, colloseum would be good for a 7 yr old too and the pantheon - I found walking around the Vatican and St Peters very long - not sure if a 7 year old would find it too enthralling - well unless he has a thing about art!!

SofiaAmes Mon 08-Mar-04 22:04:42

Central Rome is much nicer than central London. It is almost totally pedestrianised and you can walk to everything. You might enjoy staying in Trastevere (old part of rome). It's a bit touristy but really beautiful. I've noticed several people posting rome apartments for rent on the uk craigslist . It's certainly worth checking out. My mother used to rent out her apartment in Trastevere, but doesn't anymore. It was a wonderful alternative to a hotel (especially with a 7 yo in tow). All the fountains, ice cream, fountains, ice cream, forum, fountains, ice cream, colliseum, fountains, ice cream.... make rome perfect for a 7 year old. Enjoy.

miranda2 Mon 08-Mar-04 22:12:30

We went to Rome (without ds who is only 2.5). Stayed in a very nice hotel called the Hotel Nova Domus, which has family rooms (and an excellent website in English, which you can book through - also was quite cheap at short notice). It was about 5mins walk from the Vatican, which was OK, but is a long way from the centre (as I discovered after a long trek in the rain in new shoes.....). So recommend the hotel but not the location particularly (though the nearby metro takes you in, but for soem insane reason my husband wanted to walk). If you do go there, go to a restaurant nearby called perilli in prati 9also has a website) - it was SUPERB, modern contemporary design with fantastic modern/rustic food, and cheap too!!

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