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Cancelling flights

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EloiseintheSun Thu 06-Feb-14 09:30:29

Problem - DH and I are due to fly abroad next week for a few days' (much needed but ...) holiday. Due to entirely unexpected circumstances, we now doubt very much that we'll be able to afford to go, however cheap any accommodation we could find is.

Booked with a budget airline. Haven't checked in online yet. Having read the small print, travel insurance won't cover cancellation.

If we cancel with the airline company, we incur costs but if they're (slightly) under the cost of the tickets, do we get some refund? Seems punitive if not. Can't really afford right now to re-schedule - would still have fees to pay.

Or is simply not turning up and cutting our losses an option? They don't wait - do they?

Be pleased for any advice!

EloiseintheSun Thu 06-Feb-14 09:58:08

Read the company small print - £35.00 fee for a change - a change is per passenger, per flight so that would be £140.00 whereas the flights we've paid for cost just under £110.00. No or very little in cost of actual flights but of course more expensive to re-schedule with these fees than perhaps to book again when finances at this end are better.

juneau Thu 06-Feb-14 10:02:06

If you don't show up for the flights it will cost you nothing more than you're already paid, so you'll lose your £110, but no more.

With regard to a refund, read the small print, but usually when you buy the cheapest tickets one of the conditions is that there are no refunds if you want to cancel. It will be there in the airline's terms and conditions.

magentastardust Thu 06-Feb-14 14:42:24

you should be due your taxes refunded if you cancel. However read the small print as I would bet they probably charge an admin fee to do so ,so you need to weigh up if what you get back is worth it.

magimedi Thu 06-Feb-14 15:52:14

You could try selling the tickets to someone else - don't know how much a name change would be, but if you booked them ages ago it would still be a saving for the buyer as prices go up the nearer the date.

If it is because of a death of a near relation (& I do hope it isn't) many of the airlines will refund on compassionate grounds but you have to send in a death certificate (they return it).

sparrowcottage Fri 07-Feb-14 06:35:36

contagious disease? then you are covered?

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