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Toddlers on the tube

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failingmammalian Wed 05-Feb-14 12:29:24

Help! Am sure some savvy london mummies have the perfect way of transporting toddlers on the tube in stations without lifts .... I ll be picking up dd (12 months) from nursery and transporting her home on tube. What's the answer? Super lightweight maclaren? A backpack?i want to be able to chat to her on the way tho so wondering about front facing lightweight buggies?? Or should I just buy a car and have done with it (I know that's the answer but I don't want one yet)

Rockchick1984 Wed 05-Feb-14 17:27:29

Get a sling - something like a Boba 3G would be perfect, you can carry her on your front or back and they are ergonomically designed so it distributes her weight very well for you.

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