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Gatwick north terminal hotels

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TeaAndSconesTwice Sun 02-Feb-14 14:45:49

Can anyone tell me which hotels are within walking distance of the north terminal at gatwick please?

I know the softinel is but is there anymore, someone said the premier inn is?

Any info would be great.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 02-Feb-14 15:49:59

There are a few Premier Inns around Gatwick so you need to choose the correct one for you. This is the one at Gatwick itself:-

TeaAndSconesTwice Sun 02-Feb-14 16:16:21

Thank you that looks like a good one and within walking distance of the north terminal.

SoldeInvierno Sun 02-Feb-14 19:47:01

I stayed at that Premier Inn a couple of weeks ago and it was good

TeaAndSconesTwice Mon 03-Feb-14 19:40:56

Thanks sold, we are going to book it, looks easiest option with a good price, great reviews too.

winklewoman Wed 05-Feb-14 08:29:13

Have a look at the Yotel, actually in the bowells of the airport so very convenient. Small pod-type rooms, but very comfortable with unlimited free tea, coffee, chocolate. We absolutely loved it!

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