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Looking for a good holiday with wildlife or snorkelling for July - does it exist?

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bonvivant Sat 01-Feb-14 21:24:14

I need somewhere for 2 weeks in July, preferably by a beach, with either good snorkelling or nice wildlife, fab sunsets or stars a bonus.

Not considering Egypt (as looking at that poss for October) or Florida (as have been there a lot) or Mexico (that was last year's holiday).

I don't want to travel too far this year really - does anything like this exist in Europe or do I have go further afield?

mummymeister Sat 01-Feb-14 22:34:06

Have you been to florida keys though?we found it a very different sort of florida holiday and absolutely loved it. loads of snorkelling - john pennekamp park for a start. we stayed in Islamorada. loads of water based activities, cycle trails, sea and mangrove canoeing, quick trip up and canoe through the everglades. temp never goes over 100 and a lovely breeze.

Toucanet Sat 01-Feb-14 22:37:12

I've heard possibly Croatia? - but not been there myself.

A bit further somewhere like Antigua has pretty decent weather all year round and some good snorkelling though - and direct flights from London.

For snorkelling I would suggest Belize, but it's wet in summer plus has mosquitos/malaria which you might prefer to avoid. For good summer weather and snorkelling the only other places I can suggest are the Galapagos and Indonesia. Will be keeping an eye on this thread though as somewhere similar but closer would be great!

bonvivant Sun 02-Feb-14 07:42:50

Yes we've done Florida and the Keys- loved it but need a change!

specialsubject Sun 02-Feb-14 11:30:16

The Med is not good for snorkelling any more. You want a west-facing coast with limited habitation.

Anaxos on Lesvos island, Greece, may well fit the bill for those. Sunsets were wonderful.

DrownedGirl Sun 02-Feb-14 18:17:38

Menorca is very good for snorkelling

Creamycoolerwithcream Sun 02-Feb-14 19:49:00

How about Malta for snorkelling?

dontcallmemam Sat 08-Feb-14 11:17:49

We did a bit of snorkelling in Corsica. It was probably as good as any we've done in Europe but not brilliant tbh. I suppose you really need to look for somewhere with a coral reef.

Corsica is absolutely gorgeous; beaches, mountain, great food. I'd really recommend it. Although for the same price you could almost fly to the Caribbean where there is serious snorkelling.

nannyafrica Sat 08-Feb-14 14:11:04

Lake Malawi. Amazing snorkelling, beaches and an hour away from beach you could be on safari in Liwonde National Park watching elephants all day park fees are only $10 per day.
you could even go over to Zambia and visit South Luangwa National Park which is my favorite park in Africa.

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