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All inclusive in Goa - anybody been?

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dejags Wed 03-Mar-04 15:12:31

DH and I are about to book an all inclusive holiday in Goa for 2 weeks in April.

From what I have heard the hotels are usually excellent with a high standard of food etc.

Does anybody have any good tips - DS is three so we won't be able to do too many daytrips, we are considering the 2 day trip to see the Taj Mahal...


SofiaAmes Wed 03-Mar-04 22:13:20

Have not been, but a person I deal with at work went over xmas for 3 weeks and was raving about it.

cas1968 Thu 04-Mar-04 21:49:05


I haven't been either, but I work with two people that have - ine of them goes there regularly now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Anyway, as Sofia said, they both rave about the place. It is, apparently, very good for bartering / haggling. It's a very poor place and you are advised to take lots of treats to give to local kids - they love things like pencils, erasers. Very sad.

Noodleboo Sat 09-Apr-05 22:58:07

We went fully inclusive at the Dona Sylvia in Goa and it was fine - fair hotel, though we had changed rooms as he first was quite poorly furnished. Food was fine and its so cheap to eat out we did that a few times. We have also been to the Majorda Beach resort in Goa for our Honeymoon and that was lovely.

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