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NY to Washington DC

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breward Fri 03-Jan-14 18:34:27

We (2 adults/2 children- 12 & 14)have booked flights to NY in August and have booked 5 nights accommodation in NYC and 6 nights in Washington DC. How would you travel from NY to Washington? Does anyone have experience of greyhound or mega bus, or is the train worth the extra expense? Definitely want to go overland.

Sonotkylie Fri 03-Jan-14 18:39:39

No experience of the bus routes but the train was easy and quick, straight from centre to centre. Lovely big seats, comfy, all the views. Easy to arrange from UK and that was over 10 years ago! Have fun and the overland route is well worthwhile.

eurochick Fri 03-Jan-14 18:43:38

I know a lot of people who make the trip regularly and all do it by train.

darksparrow Fri 03-Jan-14 18:46:33

The train - done Boston to nyc and it was great

SconeRhymesWithGone Fri 03-Jan-14 18:50:47

Definitely the train.

Jamdoughnutfiend Fri 03-Jan-14 18:52:23

I used to book that trip all the time for various bosses, the Acela is the express and is so ridiculously easy to book - getting to laguadia is a pain and the traffic can be terrible. Train is great and good for scenery. I have done a fair amount of train travel in the US, much better than greyhound, I always seem to end up next to the nutters in the bus!

breward Fri 03-Jan-14 19:14:09

Not sure we would budget for Acela Express... 1000 dollars for the trip. The regional train is 300 dollars and 3 hrs 25 mins, or the bus approx 150 dollars and 4 hrs 10 mins. Can't book the megabus until 2 months before. Don't know anything about the company. At least the nutter we sit next to will be a family member!

Thanks for all the advice.

joydivisionovengloves Sat 04-Jan-14 18:58:43

Train is definitely worth the money. G

MillyMollyMama Sat 04-Jan-14 19:03:18

Regional trains can be utterly horrible in the USA. Graffiti like you have never seen it and filthy carriages etc. This route could be better as it is well used but I would second the express train. It will be relatively quick and efficient. You pay a premium but it is worth it.

dinkystinky Sat 04-Jan-14 19:06:45

No experience of the buses but did the train and it was super easy

SconeRhymesWithGone Sun 05-Jan-14 17:36:36

The regular (non-Acela) Amtrak trains from NYC to Washington should be fine, too, just a bit slower. Several of them are long distance trains so have nice amenities.

I am a very experienced Amtrak patron (white-knuckle flyer), and I have never had a bad experience, including the regional trains. It is true, though, that generally train travel in the US is not up to the standards that prevail in the UK (except, perhaps for Acela express).

dreamingbohemian Sun 05-Jan-14 17:44:32

I've done NY-DC by train loads of times (used to live there) and the regular service is absolutely fine, just slower. No graffiti or filth! No way would I pay an extra 700 for Acela.

I'd stay more days in NY than DC though smile

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 05-Jan-14 18:26:05

I would agree with the previous respondents who have suggested using the NE regional train service to Union Station in DC. Its far cheaper than the Acela although it is slower but is perfectly fine to use. Have used this service myself on several occasions now too and have encountered no problems at all with it.

Snakeoil Sun 05-Jan-14 18:30:19


AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 05-Jan-14 18:30:59

No to driving. Parking in DC is the stuff of nightmares.

13loki Tue 07-Jan-14 14:36:58

We used a cheap bus when DS was 14 months. We are going back this year with DS who is 8 and DDs (3 and will Be 6 months). We are paying for the train. Partly offset extra cost by staying an extra night in DC rather than New York, because train is faster and more regular.

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