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Barcelona for forty-somethings

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sighbynight Mon 25-Nov-13 15:40:04

My husband and I are lucky enough to be going to Barcelona for a weekend sans children, this weekend. Never been before. Very exciting!

I've been thumbing through travel guides, but in the past couple of years, I've noticed that bar and restaurant recommendations in travels guides are aimed at 25-year-olds, not 42-year-olds.

Does anyone have any top tips for Barcelona that won't make me feel 1000 years old?

MaggieW Mon 25-Nov-13 19:00:18

We had a similar trip last year - and it was fab. We stayed in a hotel at the beach where there were some good restaurants and DH was able to boat-gaze at the marina.

We did one of the open top bus tours and split it over two days, which was a good way to see the city and to hop on and hop off to see the sights. I still giggle at the very dour commentary for the English version - and the numerous mentions of Gaudi's unfortunate mode of death!

We walked the Ramblas and then found some lovely tapas bars etc tucked in the back streets. The food market is v interesting and also great to eat in. A little bit of shopping at El Corte Ingles at the top of the Ramblas was also good fun. The supermarket in the basement was good for getting some foodie gifts.

Perhaps have a look on Tripadvisor also? Have fun. It's a great place!

VioletGoesVintage Mon 25-Nov-13 19:51:48

If you fancy dancing and people watching in the most amazing surroundings, I thoroughly recommend La Paloma. All gilt and red velvet, and not in a seedy, tacky way, it really is an old-style dance hall. It has live music - a brass band when I was there - and is frequented by everyone from teenagers to octogenarians. Google it - I'm on my phone so can't link - but really is fab.

sighbynight Mon 25-Nov-13 20:15:37

Excellent, thank you.

We are near the beach too, MaggieW and I was planning breakfast at the market. And La Paloma sounds gorgeous Violet. I love me some faded decadence.

NoComet Mon 25-Nov-13 20:17:59

The dancing fountains will be in all the guide books, but DSIS said they are fab.

sugarplumfairy Mon 25-Nov-13 20:22:39

Great tapas at a place called tapas 24, it comes up on google.

sugarplumfairy Mon 25-Nov-13 20:24:44

There is usually a queue, but worth it, sit at the bar and have cava sangria, very nice.

mummymeister Tue 26-Nov-13 08:41:53

the fountains are only on Friday and Saturday evenings and well worth a walk up there. second the open top bus tour. really good way to see everything and to get around. take tea from the top of the store on placa catalunya. go up to the castle and if you have a head for it and its open do the one way cable car down to the port. don't do both ways as there is too much hanging around. not impressed by las ramblas it was full of people hanging around and looked like pick pocket heaven. personally we loved the area around place catalunya. went to a great tapas bar nearby called Ciudad condal. Had enormous fab breakfasts at a new place called the Market café.

ProfondoRosso Tue 26-Nov-13 08:56:13

It's a great place for all ages smile

If you're looking for somewhere to stay that's not mental at night, I would go for L'Eixample district. It's beautiful, great shopping, lively but without the craziness of las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya.

The Palau de la musica Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music) in the St Pere area is a must see - gorgeous art nouveau/modernista building with a lovely cafe where you can sit and have a glass of wine.

My favourite bar in Barcelona is the Borneo (carrer de rec), because it's chilled, the wine's cheap but good and it's quite romantic!

sighbynight Tue 26-Nov-13 11:26:31

Thank you very much, ladies. I so appreciate your help.

fussychica Tue 26-Nov-13 18:48:37

Great place whatever your age. The bus is brilliant as you can get on and off when and where you want. Two places I didn't think I'd like but went to because others want to were the Olympic Stadium and Barcelona FC - loved both!

Try not to look too much like a tourist or carry money you don't need to as the pickpockets, especially on the Ramblas, are amongst the most skilled in the world!

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