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London with under 1-pram or sling?

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Alexchallex Thu 21-Nov-13 18:41:52

Hi there. Getting the train to London for a couple of days with 9 month old. We are wondering whether to go with pram or sling. Any advice with regards to getting around. We've not even been on the train with the baby yet so we don't know what that's going to be like

Biped Thu 21-Nov-13 23:30:02

Depends whether you're comfortable going on escalators with a pram or not. if not, the tube will be a nightmare so go with the sling.

chocolatecrispies Thu 21-Nov-13 23:33:42

Sling sling sling if you are comfortable in it - there are lots of stairs, buggies are a pain on buses and tubes. But if they won't sleep in sling then you might need buggy?

wonderstuff Thu 21-Nov-13 23:36:24

Both? Fold buggy & use sling on transport, use buggy elsewhere because 9mo will be heavy.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Thu 21-Nov-13 23:37:01

I've done both after living in London. The tube is OK with a pram and on the TFL website you can choose step free routes so you'd use lifts rather than escalators. If you do take a pram on the tube avoid rush hour as you'll never get on a train. And if you're right in Central London its sometimes a lot quicker to walk.

Where are you staying? And what do you have planned?

fatedtopretend Thu 21-Nov-13 23:42:04


I used to take dd down to London for a weekend once a month-buggies just do not fit in there! I started only taking the sling from about the third trip and found it so much easier-people were a lot more friendly too.

specialsubject Fri 22-Nov-13 19:19:48

either. Believe it or not, children are brought up in London.

avoid the tube at rush hour, think about step free routes and enjoy.

Artandco Fri 22-Nov-13 19:23:27

Both are fine. However I would choose sling as easier as then you don't have to worry about step free access/ space avaliable on tube/ buses especially if your planning on travelling during rush hours or weekends.
Also some little ones get overwhelmed by all the people particularly if not used to it so might prefer being close to one of you

Alexchallex Fri 22-Nov-13 19:38:47

Thanks. Sling it is. Just doing usual touristy stuff, Jew gardens, harrods, couple of museums, whatever we can fit in. Staying near earls court x

sydenhamhiller Fri 22-Nov-13 19:44:15

Have 3 kids- and while pram is do-able, it is amazing how many steps there are in most stations. And museums/ cafés get quite busy, so much more manageable with a sling.
However, my 16 month old is a whopper, and I have a dodgy back so I can't usually manage a sling all day: so as someone else said -- do both! Sling for stations and fold up pram, and life is soooooo much easier :-)

Linguaphile Wed 27-Nov-13 04:26:38

I live in London and I do just fine carting my twins around in a double-wide bugaboo donkey. London does have to cater for wheelchairs, and a pram can go wherever a wheelchair can.

Having said that, if your LO likes a sling and doesn't mind being in it all day, you'll have more freedom. Personally, though, I quite enjoy pushing the pram around the parks, etc because babies get heavy.

pootlebug Wed 27-Nov-13 04:37:41

Depends what sling you have. If it
it is something comfy and supportive, sling. If a born or something it will kill your back using it all day so pram.

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