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Husband Christmas present based on Disney holiday

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goodgrief54 Sat 09-Nov-13 07:31:15

Hi. we are going off to Florida in May and saving every penny to do so..I am trying to be practical over Christmas and buy my husband presents of things we will need over there.. I am wondering for example if you can buy photo packs in advance our anything else? Dcs don't know we are going yet so cannot buy anything for them. Thanks for any tips.smile

ForeverFrozen Sat 09-Nov-13 20:51:42

We prebought the Disney Photopass Plus which was excellent, it was about $170 but we bought it whilst it was reduced.
It allowed us to have all the photos that the Disney professionals took (on rides, meeting characters, character dining meals etc) on a DVD so we keep them all and can print as many as we want in any format.
Knowing that we had prebought the disc, we made sure to get loads of photos taken and when our disc arrived after our holiday it had over 650 photos on it.

Since we went they have changed the website they use for it, it has all been updated. The PhotoPass CD we prepaid for has now been renamed as the Disney PhotoPass Archive Disc, the full price is $169.00 though it often has offers on.

This is the new website https://mydisneyphotopass.disney.go.com/

goodgrief54 Sat 09-Nov-13 21:13:39

Thanks Foreverfrozen that is really helpful.

flatmum Tue 12-Nov-13 22:55:26

Universal also do the Star Card for photos as a similar thing. think it was $69 then you get one print and can put all your ride photos on it and photographers walking about and download them all from the website - would also be a good gift and I think you can order in advance from the universal website.

The other big expense is eating out - you can prebook Disney restaurants (maybe a character meal) and when we went to seaworld we ate at the shark grill which has an aquarium wall and was one of the better meals we had.

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