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Query about Laterooms!

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Bea Thu 07-Nov-13 12:02:44

whoops... posted this under UK... should've popped it here! Apologies!!!

trying to plan a little xmas shopping trip for my mum!
went on laterooms last night and found a really good deal for 2 rooms at fancy hotel.... thought would leave till morning to book as it was pretty late!
Just went on now and the rooms are £50 more!!!!...

will they change again... if I leave it for a bit?
Will the price go higher or lower? (I thought it would be lower as they want to get rid of the rooms!)

Arggh! Obviously not done this much! so advice needed!


CajaDeLaMemoria Thu 07-Nov-13 12:04:42

The prices go up as less rooms are available. Usually. They may go down again right at the very last minute, but the hotel might 'buy' them back from late rooms in that case instead.

Do try clearing your cookies and looking again though, or using a different device. It's worth a look!

Bea Thu 07-Nov-13 13:51:06

thanks for reply... went for more sensible option in the end... fancy hotel was just a little toooo steep!

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