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Urgent! Anyone ever booked with Bravofly?

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triplets Wed 06-Nov-13 15:50:37

Hi just had my best friend on the phone in a real state. Basically they booked a flight for their stepson to join them in Nicaragua for Christmas. Her partner booked it on Sun, return cost was £980. Today he has realized that he made a spelling mistake on the surname, so he`s called Bravofly who seem to be based in Switzerland and they say they have to take it up with the airline, Air Canada. A C say its not their problem its Bravos.They have spent all day phoning and its stalemate. Can anyone help? I have said contact your credit card company. Hoping somebody in the know can help please.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 07-Nov-13 11:50:55

They are not the only ones to have had problems with this company, infact they were mentioned recently as per this link:-

Bravofly are indeed based in Switzerland.

If this was booked as a standard economy flight ticket (i.e with no flexibility in it), no change at all can be made. This is a regular issue with cheaper, non-flexible tickets - in some cases the fee to change a name on the ticket is even set higher than the cost of simply booking a new ticket.

triplets Thu 07-Nov-13 22:44:19

Hi have always been so helpful with travel smile
Well situation still the same, except that Bravo are now saying it might be possible to change the name...............the charge would be 1038 euros!! I can`t believe they have got themselves in this mess, they are usually such savvy travellers. They are flying out to spend Christmas on the island they bought 6 months ago..........another mad scheme!!

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