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Help me decide. Le Bois de Valmarie, yelloh le Sylvamar, or Parc Albatross Italy.

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minxthemanx Mon 04-Nov-13 12:06:37

After hours and hours of research have narrowed next year's Eurocamp style holiday down to these 3 sites - anyone been to them and got any comments? Leaning towards Bois de Valmarie at the moment but wonder if not enough for 12 year old DS.......... trying to avoid loud music late at night, though. Any thoughts gratefully received. or recommendations.

MillyONaire Mon 04-Nov-13 12:20:13

I stayed at La Sylvamar (camping in a tent) and hated it. Some of the things I hated will not affect you in a chalet: The toilet blocks were not the cleanest. The pitches were fantastic: the best I've ever had for tents but very cramped for chalets. The pool area if far too small for the amount of people the site can fit (though the kids pool is good). The playground was madly cramped and wild. Every night at 3/4am there was a group of men running through the campsite shouting (admittedly possibly only have been during our week). Good cycle paths run by the site going all the way to Hoosegar but otherwise the area is not that nice. The beaches are spectacular but not safe for kids swimming (wild surfing type). It is a HUGE site so kids can happily cycle around the site for ages and the exercise area looked good. I didn't go near the restaurant but the shop wasn't great. We were there at the end of august so maybe it would've been better mid season. I would not go back there. I was there with kids aged 3 and 10.

minxthemanx Mon 04-Nov-13 12:24:29

Thanks Milly that's exactly the kind of advice I needed. Have read so many reviews of these places my head is swimming. We've been on Venetian riviera last 2 years, and the sites there are superb - I'm quite nervous about trying somewhere else!

MillyONaire Mon 04-Nov-13 13:46:22

well minx, because we could move around (in a tent) we tried out 4 different sites in that trip (previously had rented chalets so tried two at most per trip) and there is a massive difference in sites. We did find Yelloh had a good standard overall but even then there's atmosphere, staff, pools, surrounding area which all vary. I recommended my absolute favourite site to someone and she hated it so much she checked out after two nights blush so it's very hard to judge.

minxthemanx Mon 04-Nov-13 14:02:58

Mm, I'm quite tempted by Bois de Valmarie, v good reviews, just hope it's not too quiet for a 12 year old sporty boy. If you every fancy the Italian campsites, I can highly recommend the ones on Venetian riviera.

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