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small campsites in france

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ifyouresaggyandyouknowit Sat 02-Nov-13 18:22:23

just that really- looking for small campsites in France. We'll be going with 1 and 3 year olds in June next year and ideally I'd like something low key, with a pool. Really not into creches, 'full on fun', evening entertainment sites, although it'd be nice to be near a town with restaurants/cafes. Being near the coast would be a plus but not essential. I found La Foret in Vendee which looked ideal- but ideally I want a 3 bed mobile home/caravan and they don't have any.

JammieCodger Sat 09-Nov-13 20:31:30

I was going to recomend where we had a lovely, low key holiday when mine were 3 and 1, but they don't seem to do a three bed caravan either.

JammieCodger Sat 09-Nov-13 20:38:38

Ooh, I lied. If you book directly then they do have three bed cottages:,pa59.html

It's a very small campsite, with a pool and playground and that's about it. The beach is just across a very quiet lane with a cafe/bar above the beach. There's another playground just next to the cafe and it was lovely being able to sit with a beer in the evening while our children played with the little gang of friends they'd made.

Needanewsofa Sat 09-Nov-13 20:45:57

I definitely would recommend this place

We went this August and booked via the Camping and Caravan Club, which is worth joining just for the discount for this holiday. 2 weeks including ferry in August was £560 for family of 3. We took the Sunday Condor Portsmouth to Cherbourg crossing which meant our caravan was free!!

Lovely heated pool, great camping, family run, bouncy castle (ds asked "How long can I go on it, mummy please?" when we arrived - as much as you like!!!! Bar with table football, pool, etc looking towards the bouncy castle & pool. Just perfect for us! And we took our bikes to cycle to the beach and to St Quay Portrieux - amazing beaches! 2 in the village and a whole coast to explore.

Great days out when you tire of the beaches - Steam railway, Gallois Village (the very best day out!), Islands, etc

In fact, we loved it so much that for the very first time ever we're returning there next year - t'was fab and very naice!!!

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