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Peloponnese vs Crete with 2 toddlers

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MrsC09 Tue 29-Oct-13 16:01:50

Hi, I was hoping someone could help. We're attending a wedding in Kythera in July and wanted to combine it with another island / resort. We have 2 little ones so needs to be relatively easy... Our initial thought was to fly into crete and catch a ferry from there to Kythera but having spoken to the hotel the ferry company seems to be quite untrustworthy with lots of last minute cancellations so I'm now going off that idea!

The other option would be to fly into Athens and drive down to Peloponnese from there and catch the ferry from Neapoli. So any recommendations near / on the way to Neapoli would be hugely appreciated. We intend to spend a week in crete or Peloponnese and then a week on Kythera.


TRL Wed 30-Oct-13 14:18:58

Hi there, why would you not fly either from Athens (Olympic) or Heraklion (Sky Express)? We've used both Olympic for domestic flights and Sky Express too (tiny aircraft - just big enough for us ... 5 kids + 2 adults) and both were fine and on time. You could check which flights timetable up best with Easyjet or BA into Athens or Heraklion then book accordingly, maybe going UK-Athens- kythera-Heraklion-UK or perhaps simpler for bookings, UK-Heraklion-Kythera-Heraklion-UK then take your week's holiday whichever end of the wedding week you like.

We've stayed all over the Peloponnese (expensive on the land lump that includes Epidavros, Porto Heli and Nafplion) and always enjoyed ourselves, but one of our best holidays has been in Crete and we flew into Heraklion then spent one week near Elounda on the NE coast and one truly magnificent week on the coast close to Phaestos in the South/Central part. I think we only had 3 kids then and they ranged from 5 - 2 years old. Beautiful beaches, loads of history, fabulous food in every taverna, warm, oh, bliss! We hired a car and drove around quite a bit but also did a lot of vegging. The nearest village was Pitsidia.

What a great time you'll have wherever you go - I'm all inspired to start planning our hols now! grin

MrsC09 Wed 30-Oct-13 20:31:09

Thanks for your input. I feel Crete might be the better option too. Looks amazing!

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