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child modeling

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lindac Thu 06-Jul-06 08:30:47

has any body know anything about
models direct,bizzykidz,and childsplay
they have all oferded my daughter a place with them and would like any feed back from anyone whos with these agents or herd of them THANKS

housemum Thu 06-Jul-06 15:17:55

I do not know personally of models direct but I have seen comments on other websites ( which imply that they are not a reputable agency. I would like to add that that is just what I have read, not my personal opinion of them, but it's worth researching more. I have heard of the other two, nothing negative. Again, have a look on the child modelling discussion forums (you can search by key word to look for mentions of those agencies). Good luck - do you know much about child modelling & what's involved?

Mummykisses Thu 26-Mar-09 10:54:06

My Daughter is with Bizzykidz, I have had alot of work opportunities from them and have found their staff to be very helpful. Not all the work offered I could do, as I work part time but they did not make me feel pressured to do it nor did I feel bad about declining the work, My daughter did a fatastic shoot with Tomy and got paid very well for it.
I did my research though and checked out mums forums and asked around, there were some bad comments but alot of good ones too! Always do your research, every parent experiences different things. I have found them to be the only one who doesn't charge a yearly fee, this is great, if your child does not get work for a few months then your not continuing to pay and it was £120 till my daughter is 17 years old. They do have a studio and it is in their head office which means when I went there I got to meet the whole team. Young but professional. Very helpful too when my daughter was playing up in the studio.
As I said ALWAYS do your research, if your not sure, CALL THEM, they are really helpful and not pushy.
Check out
It states on tier website they are DTI approved, EM accredited and registered with Companies house. Check them out too.
I hope this helps?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 26-Mar-09 11:36:18

Don't touch Models Direct with a long pole - many, many people have found disappointment with that particular agency!. There have been plenty of warnings about them on Watchdog as well.

Also be very careful regarding paying any up front fees. Why are they asking for such fees if there is work forthcoming?. Never sign any contract in advance without getting someone in the legal profession to go over it with you.

DadInsteadofMum Thu 26-Mar-09 13:57:07

Registered with Companies House? THat means nothing, every company in the country (doing whatever business) is required to register with Companies House.

MrsToppie Thu 01-Jul-10 13:44:11

hi all.
i have had models direct and babyshak saying that they want to sign Martha up...but dont know what to do??any advice..??

ginbob Thu 21-Jul-11 22:27:32

i'm in the northwest and was interested in any feedback on: Tuesday's Child, Model Mode, EuroKids, and Impact Models. Are they scammers? How do you tell? Several have responded positively, with the proviso that I pay through the nose for a photoshoot in order for my kids to go on their books. Does this automatically mean they are a sham agency, or can I expect an upfront shoot fee for the portfolio before an agency will consider registration?

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