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Gite in Pas de Calais - can Mumsnet work their usual magic?

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fisil Sat 21-Feb-04 10:08:10

OK, first ever holiday with family - inspite of the other thread aout booking holidays, I didn't realise we'd left it too late (we've always booked a week in advance before, and we've always had to go in the holidays).

So, does anyone know of a house we can stay in? Our criteria are:

July 17th - 31st
4+ bedrooms for 9 people
close to Calais (within 2 hour drive)
beach within 1/2 hour a bonus but not essential


fisil Sat 21-Feb-04 13:37:23

thought I'd pop this next to SenoraP's thread.


fisil Sat 21-Feb-04 15:25:15

Here it is, SP

Marina Sat 21-Feb-04 19:23:33

fisil, try this site: Gites de France
You can choose areas of France and then most Departements have their own website (some are not in English).
I'd suggest to get the best out of gites that you specify at least 3 "epis" (ears of corn, their equivalent of star ratings). Ones with this rating usually have at least two bathrooms when they are larger, plus a dishwasher and washing machine as standard. Terrain clos if you have small children is a bonus - it means "enclosed garden".

If you want a beach closish and want to stay within two hours' drive of Calais then the Baie de la Somme looks pretty (and I happen to know there are at least two gites in St Valery sur Somme...because I was surfing this very site yesterday!). Or else Northern Normandy might be do-able in two hours. If you're not so bothered about beaches the area south-east of Calais is surprisingly pretty...and you might make it as far as the French Ardennes which are gorgeous. Or, at a pinch, the Oise department leaves you close to Paris and surrounded by stunning forests.

We always book direct with Gites de France and provided you check carefully that it is 3 epis + we have never been let down.

fisil Sun 22-Feb-04 18:56:44

Thanks Marina. We actually got one later on yesterday afternoon. But if it falls through, I will come back to this site. Cheers.

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