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Isle of Wight - cheap self catering accommodation?

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debster Fri 20-Feb-04 19:57:22

Has anyone any experience of staying in a cheap, decent mobile home or s/c accommodation here? We would like to take the kids (they will be 5.6 & nearly 2) to the Isle of Wight this summer but don't have much money to spare. Now that ds has started school we would also have to go during the summer holidays thus incurring even more expense. I have seen some previous archived threads mentioning the West of the island as being the prettiest but wondered whether the beaches etc are good for young uns. Have also picked up in the Wight Mouse recommendation for eats.

I would be really grateful for some advice.

debster Mon 23-Feb-04 10:17:20


kid Mon 23-Feb-04 11:58:12

debster - I remember we went on a family holiday to Isle Of Wight (years and years ago!) We stayed in a bed and breakfast. It was really good and from what I remember they was alot of choices of where to stay. I wouldn't mind going back there with my own kids. If I do find anything, I will post it here.

debster Mon 23-Feb-04 15:51:39

Thanks kid. Any recommendations gratefully received.

I get the feeling I've left it too late though as every place I've looked at on the internet is booked up for the summer. I was a bit shocked at the prices though. £500 for a week in a mobile home. Might as well go to Spain. Maybe we should.

Marina Mon 23-Feb-04 16:11:56

Debster, if it is any consolation at all I don't think there is much cheap accommodation on the island during the school holidays full stop. I don't think booking early would have made much difference
I love the island but the only place we can afford in high season is the YHA hostel in Totland (near a stunning W Wight beach if you do strike lucky). I like YHA accommodation but not for a full length holiday with small children!
We worked out two years ago that for a week on the island in high season we could get a fortnight in a gite in France at the same time. So that threatened trip to Spain might be your best bet!

Pat Mon 23-Feb-04 16:20:47

I go down there a lot, but we stay with relatives so can't really help with recommendations. However you can search for accomodation on this Isle of Wight website.
Not sure if that helps or not.

debster Tue 24-Feb-04 10:47:32

I'm beginning to think you're right Marina. So got any recommendations for a French gite then?!

Thanks anyway.

Marina Tue 24-Feb-04 11:05:28

Can't do you a direct link Debster but we had a wonderful week staying in Gite no 93011 in the Charente Maritime.
You can go straight to its details by accessing this link and choosing Self-Catering Gites then Book Your Accommodation online then Charente Maritime from the map of France. There is a window to type in the reference of the gite and the above number is what you need. The photo doesn't begin to do justice to this lovely house and its owners were delightful. It's on a working farm and has an enclosed, lawned garden.

jenthehen Tue 24-Feb-04 14:25:28

We stayed just outside Ventnor last year with our nearly two year old. Lovely barn conversions, baby donkeys, rabbits and a walled garden with slide etc. I think it was called Nettlecomb farm. I found it on the web. Not sure of prices now as they were waiting for ratings. V.clean accom. We had a great holiday but wouldn't rate the white mouse, apparently it has changed hands, food was cold, not very exciting and play area more suitable for older children. hope this helps.

debster Wed 25-Feb-04 16:10:12

Thanks Jenthehen. I'll keep looking.

emmaij Fri 27-Feb-04 11:35:27

i looked at somewhere called Gotten Farm which i thought looked really nice in west wight

rural retreats have three bedroomed lighthouses which looked really special.

carla Fri 27-Feb-04 12:00:54

We had same dilemma last year. DH posted a few sites and we ended up with a house in St Helens. I REALLY didn't want to go ... but it was fantastic! You can walk to the beach in St Helens (and it has lots of crabs and rockpools), it has two of the best restaurants on the island (which are also child friendly). It was probably one of the best family holidays we've had!

carla Fri 27-Feb-04 12:09:17

It's \link{}

But it was £500 for the week. Hmph. What was wrong with that link

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