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Kids alone at Eurodisney

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biblio1897 Wed 25-Sep-13 10:11:50


I was originally thinking of taking my 10 year old to Eurodisney as she is tall enough to go on all the rides. Only thing is that my 5 year old would probably also like to go but this would severely limit what the older one could do (as there would only be me with them). I thought maybe if we also invited one of her friends they could wait and ride together. Does anyone know if this would be safe to do (leaving a couple of 10 year olds alone to queue up) or even if they would be allowed to ride without having an adult with them?

Any advice appreciated, yet again trying to please everyone at the same time!


spababe Wed 25-Sep-13 13:55:49

yes it would be fine

MadeOfStarDust Wed 25-Sep-13 13:58:31

Would be fine - just make sure they know that rides do NOT generally come out in the same place they went in - we found that disoriented our kids sometimes...

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Wed 25-Sep-13 14:12:20

I would only do it if DD and her friend could be absolutely trusted to behave themselves in the queues - else they might get the wrath of a few grumpy people in the queue. You can be waiting a long time for some of the rides - so it's quite a big ask.

It will also mean a lot of waiting around for your 5 year old as you will be waiting for them while they queue and ride and have to wait at the exit. I think it's far too big, far too busy & far to confusing to meet them anywhere else.

Do you or DD have any friends with similar age kids? It would be so much easier with 2 adults, even if you end up with 4 kids.

OR a young teen helper in return for a trip to Disney? Probably wont cost you much more to take a teenager depending on the room set ups.

noramum Wed 25-Sep-13 18:20:15

I personally wouldn't trust my 6 year old alone in a fun park. We went in June and queues weren't bad but still waiting for 1/2 hr is long at that age, I wouldn't want to imagine what two small ones would be up to.

I would better take one more adult with a small child and take turns with queues.

biblio1897 Sat 28-Sep-13 10:19:16

Thanks for the responses, will have a think before deciding. I wasn't planning on leaving the 5 year old alone, that definately would be a recipe for disaster!

exexpat Sat 28-Sep-13 10:29:35

I'm a single parent of two with a four-year age gap, and used to regularly go to Disney (Tokyo, we were living there). I found it worked really well when I took a friend for DC1, so that they could go on rides together, and I could go with DC2.

We have also been just the three of us quite a few times, and that was fine too, but it meant some rides were not possible as DC1 was not old enough to ride solo, or didn't want to go on by himself, but DC2 was too young to go on, or the seating was all 2 x 2. The website usually gives a lot of detail about height/age requirements for rides so you can work out in advance where the problems are likely to be.

The best way would probably be to go with another friend or family so that there is at least one other adult around, but going to Eurodisney from here is more of a big thing than a daytrip to Tokyo DisneyLand when it's only 30 mins away in the car...

Taz1212 Sat 28-Sep-13 19:00:17

Oh yes, so long as they are responsible children generally. I took my DC to Portaventura when DS was 10 and DD was 7. DD wasn't tall enough for the larger roller coasters so DS happily went on them on his own. Over and over and over again. He had a great time and loved telling me about all the nice people they sat him next to ("I sat next to the nicest lady! I have no idea what she was saying to me but she was really nice!!") grin

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