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car sickness

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sjd Wed 06-Feb-02 22:25:56

My five year old is routinely car sick after about half an hour in the car. We have tried most things and joy rides do work BUT she now refuses to take the tablets and gags as she chews them and is promptly sick any way! Any bright ideas as to how I might disguise them - they are a lurid pink with quite a distinctive taste! Does any body know of anything else which might be more palatable but which will not make her sleepy? Incidentally she does not like ginger.

dm2 Wed 06-Feb-02 22:56:06

My mum used to put them inside a spoonful of strawberry jam to get me to eat them.
Have you tried sea-bands - elastic bands that you wear around the wrist with a nodule that pressed on an acupunture site on the inner wrist. They're quite small and might fit. You can get them in Boots.

SueDonim Wed 06-Feb-02 23:05:54

Our DD's travel sickness disappeared when she started listening to a walkman in the car. Interestingly, there is now some evidence that listening to a tape via headphones also helps with pregnancy sickness. HTH

jsmummy Wed 06-Feb-02 23:23:34

Me and my sisters used to have to travel for 2 hours every weekend with our dad and he used to give us Barley Sugars, telling us they were good for travel sickness. This may have been a complete lie, but it worked as a placebo if it was! I know sweets aren't a good idea because of sugar etc etc, but I wonder whether there was any truth in it? Don't even know if you can get them now anyway.

Joe1 Thu 07-Feb-02 09:24:44

Jsmummy, we used to have barley sugars too. I used to get sick alot, not so much now unless Im in the back and pregnant. I tend to munch alot. Can you give her a bag of sweets and good things? Crisps are good or cracker biscuits. Sturgeron are really good tablets, I take them if I get a lapse of an inner infection I had a few years ago. ~The headphones idea probably helps with with the balance. Its such a horrible thing, my dad was always having to stop the car for me.

dm2 Thu 07-Feb-02 23:22:12

Oatmeal biscuits also worked for me, not very tasty though.

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