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Budget of £1500.00 for holiday for 2...where to go?

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AQuarkTooFar Thu 05-Sep-13 16:39:36

Back story, we have week booked off in October (3rd week ish I think). DH is bored easily, doesn't like temps much over 25 degrees, we both like dining out and the odd bit of sight seeing. No dc's yet and if plans go well this will be our last holiday without Children for a while! We both feel in need of a good break.

Our four options are:
1. All inclusive holiday in the sun

2.Trip to Ireland (Cork area) to visit family and friends. We would drive (no fuel costs), have been to Ireland 3/4 times but really seen it as these have been short trips for weddings etc.

3.This country (UK) somewhere like York (touristy city/area)

4. Europe city break like Paris.....

Anyone have any advice/ideas of where to go?

Mum2Fergus Thu 05-Sep-13 17:17:25

Our last pre DS holiday was to Barcelona...loads to see/do smile

revealall Thu 05-Sep-13 20:49:04

You'll still do trips when you have children. For that reason I'd avoid the family and friends trip to Ireland and you'll probably cover that with them. Also the all inclusive is perfect with children so son't bother doing that now.

I like the idea of a city trip. Barcelona is good because it has a bit of everything beach/culture/history etc. It's also completely different doing it on your own and doing it with children as it's such a stay up late city. the best food places don't even open till 8 or 9 pm which rules out doing them with children for a while.

myron Fri 06-Sep-13 23:00:32

I vote for Sorrento - from which you can visit Pompeii, Versuvius, Herculaneum, Capri, Positano, Ravello, Naples and other bits of the Amalfi coast. We had a wonderful week pre dc in mid October.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 06-Sep-13 23:03:36

I'd go for Sorrento too. You wouldn't really take small children there, although other parts of Italy are ideal with children. It's somewhere I would love to go to, for all the reasons myron says.

You can probably get cheap Easyjet flights to Naples, then a hire car plus accommodation for £1500.

Crutchlow35 Sat 07-Sep-13 08:35:08


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