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Recommendations for UK weekend away with 12 week old

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Sabs77 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:35:54

After 12 weeks of venturing no futher than our flat and our part of SW London I really need a change of scenery. Am thinking a weekend away with my partner and young baby before winter hits would do us the world of good. Can anyone recommend a hotel that's baby-friendly and not too far from London? Ideally in the countryside and not extortionately expensive? Was tempted by Limewood Hotel in the New Forest with its lovely spa until I saw it was over £300 per night!
Thank you :-)

mummymeister Wed 04-Sep-13 08:49:38

tbh at this age we found self catering a bit easier than staying in a hotel. it meant that we could put the LO to bed somewhere else other than the one room that we wanted to watch the TV in. we were also very aware when they howled that it would wake up other rooms so until they were a couple of years old we steered clear of hotels and it was a lot less stressful. not sure if this helps or not. could have a look at the babyfriendlyboltholes website or awaywiththekids both are pretty good for finding places.

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