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Florida - Tips For Disney hols - just back!

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Mfer Thu 15-Jun-06 22:13:48

Just back from florida and know a few mumsnetters are planning to go in the future - haveing now done there are a few things I wish Id know before I went so if any of you have any specific questions on parks etc post and I will do my best to answer.

For example - Universal studios used to do a fast pass system like Disney for free - now you have to pay an extra $35 per head per day to get a Universal Plus pass which is ok if you are only going to go once but if like us you intend to visit a couple of times its expensive far better to get a park map in advance and plan the rides with military precision!!!

MOSagain Fri 11-Jan-13 18:16:29

Would be cheaper in my opinion to book things separately at that time of year. Have a look at BA flights and compare prices with Virgin. We normally fly BA into Orlando but last year saved £1,200 (for 6 of us) by flying into Tampa which was only an extra 20 mins drive.

For villas, have a look at who are a company owned by an english lady who only manages luxury homes within 4 miles of Disney or have a look at -owner gives discount if you mention you are a Mumsnetter. Its a 4 bedroom villa with private pool, will be plenty hot enough at that time of year.

Tickets will depend on how much you want to cram in. If only a week you need to limit it.

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