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anyone stayed at Isles of Glencoe Hotel or Old pines at Spean Bridge?

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winniewoo Tue 10-Feb-04 14:38:08

looking for any information for a break away!

donnie Tue 10-Feb-04 14:44:03

no but I have been to Spean Bridge. My hubby and I stayed in a cottage for a week ( before we became parents) aand we loved it. Views of the mountains - glorious.Have a great time!

tamum Tue 10-Feb-04 18:18:13

Old Pines has closed, winniewoo, we had a card from the owners at Christmas saying they are selling up. Wouldn't have recommended it anyway in terms of children, to be honest.

winniewoo Tue 10-Feb-04 18:42:21 are a star!
It is great to get a little snippet of info like that. You will know how difficult it is to secure any sort of family break and feel confident about it so thank you! Have you been to any other family friendly hotels in west Scotland/Highlands?

tamum Tue 10-Feb-04 19:26:42

Why thank you

Unfortunately, you've just about plumbed the depths of my knowledge now. We've got the "Scotland the Best" book, which lists child friendly hotels, but I don't have any personal knowledge of the other recommendations. I agree about the crap food at Crieff, by the way, but people I know who've been more recently have raved about it so I thought maybe it had improved. The next recommendation down the page is Glenfinnian House. Let me know if you want me to type 'em all in! My only worry is that this is the book we got the Old Pines recommendation from, and it was much less child-friendly (in the real sense) than I would have expected.

If you're interested in self catering at all, Pitmilly is good, but has the big disadvantage as far as this thread's concerned of being on the East coast.....<she trails away>

I'll keep thinking, though. If you're v.v. rich Gleneagles is meant to be good for kids!

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