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Have you had a good car hire experience at Porto airport?

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jkklpu Wed 31-Jul-13 18:48:29

Sorry, I don't, but wanted to warn you that the general standard of driving in Portugal is very poor - very fast, reckless, no sense of risk, eg driving fast right up behind you, overtaking/changing lane without looking in mirrors, accelerating towards pedestrian crossings (or simply ignoring them). Road design is often quite dodgy as well, with slip roads on to and off motorways very close together.

Porto is lovely and everyone loves the Douro region, if that's where you're going.

frankietwospots Wed 31-Jul-13 09:14:09

Hi, we're off on our first holiday with DS (20 months) in September and need to hire a car from Porto airport in Portugal. We'll need the car to be fitted with a car seat and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good hire car companies at Porto airport? Thanks in advance!

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