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wwyd. Disney florida or paris

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pud1 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:05:46

I have been looking into Florida Disney for next year's holiday. It would be a one time only holiday and we would like to stay in Disney. But I am wondering if dds are too young. They will be 4 and 5.
After talking g to a friend about it today she suggested going to Euro Disney for 5 days and doing a premium package( dinner with Cinderella....). This would mean that we would also be able to afford another beach type holiday.
I think that places like epcot would be wasted on dds at the moment so it might be best to shelve Florida plans for a few years.
I font want to spend a lot of money going to Florida if we are not going to make the most of it. I know we have the option of a villa in Florida and saving some money but I would rather stay in Disney.
is Euro Disney just a crappy alternative. Please share opinions

ektorp Mon 29-Jul-13 08:13:29

I actually think it's probably best to do disney when they are small as its so magical and the characters amaze them. We spent a lot of time doing character meets. They amaze them in Paris, too. DD filled her Autograph book with character signatures and photos.

holidaybug Mon 29-Jul-13 09:53:19

Look, it's horses for courses. Some people don't have the funds to go to Florid or don't want to spend 2 weeks in the parks. Paris might fit the bill then. But if you want a once in a lifetime full on Disney experience, then it would have to be Florida. I would definitely check out Tripadvisor - Paris has some shocking reviews, many from people who have been to both and were very disappointed with Paris.

Whowherewhywhat Mon 29-Jul-13 10:36:32

I've been to both. My dc's are now 8,5 and 4. We go to dlp every year as its close , has the Disney magic but not too big for a 4 or 5 night hol. We r considering next yr for first time to Florida with dc's, know they will love it, it is a different experience again in Florida. But I would recommend dlp for the age of your children, they'll love it and your nerves won't get too frazzled!

Have a great hol! Ps - we used Eurostar straight to dlp, and booked the dlp luggage service so just hot off train and straight into the park, our luggage was in our room waiting for us and the same on the way back, highly recommend.

Growlithe Mon 29-Jul-13 10:46:06

I love them both, I really do. However I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, and it may have changed, but to me there is a bit of an emphasis in Paris on the Disney baddies. The witches had their own float and extended dance in the parade a few times we went and Captain Hook was everywhere. We went to a light parade there about 5 years ago and it was all villains, and actually frightened DD who was only about 4 at the time. I was surprised they didn't have the same emphasis at all in Florida.

encyclogirl Mon 29-Jul-13 10:56:28

Done both.

Florida all the way for us. We really didn't 'get' DLP at all. Also we had some bad experiences with the French approach to queuing. I wanted to love it, because of its proximity, but I didn't.

We've been 7-8 times to Florida since the dc were very young and we all love it. We go every other year now, otherwise we'd never see anywhere else in the world.

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