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Travel toys for 11 month old?

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magentastardust Thu 25-Jul-13 16:53:12

'book libraries' not 'toy libraries'. A mini toy library would be very handy!

magentastardust Thu 25-Jul-13 16:52:19

The Elc do little plastic oval shapes scribble pad things-you know the ones that are grey and you can erase ? All my 3 loved those as baby/toddlers on flights. They have a clip too so can be clipped on to your handbag /baby bag strap so easy to find for a quick distraction.

My DS would have also just played quite happily with a couple of little cars for hours on end, DD2 however would have just chucked them across the plane at fellow passengers , so you will know what kind of thing your ds likes.

Mine also liked the little 'toy libraries' you get in Asda or Tesco , of In the night Garden, Dora , Disney princess etc-as they were toddlers they liked 'reading' the little books but as babies they spent many a flight concentrating on slotting the 6 books in and out of the box over and over!

Nightfall1983 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:11:52

Thanks wild some good tips there smile

Will have a look out for some of those toys - he does love the "that's not my" book anyway.

I'm not planning on bringing a pram to the airport (we'll borrow one from family when we get to our destination) so have our lovely sling all ready anyway - DH and I will take turns to wear him. And yes, all prepared to feed on take-off and landing...

Wildwaterfalls Thu 25-Jul-13 12:56:56

Obviously avoid noisy/squeaky toys!

Our 11m DD likes the following on flights:

- Reading 'lift the flap' or 'that's not my' books together
- Rainmaker toy
- Finger puppets


- Getting up in the aisle with DH and looking around, opening and closing the luggage lockers (although not too often of course for other passengers!)
- Exploring things around the seat: seat belt, safety instructions card etc.
- Exploring the inflight meal and eating any parts of it that are suitable.

Other tips:

- A sling or hip carrier is handy for when you've landed and don't have your pram.
- I bf DD on takeoff and landing to prevent ear ache. Expect a bottle/dummy/sippy cup would also work.

Good luck

Nightfall1983 Thu 25-Jul-13 12:47:47

Flying to Canada with DS in two weeks, he'll be 11 months. I'm planning on getting him a couple of new toys to keep his attention on the flight - any ideas? Or other tips?

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