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Holiday with an 18mo, any advice on what to do/not do and where to go

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PatriciaHolm Tue 23-Jul-13 16:47:18

You want something like this - No flying, all set up for little ones.

Yonihadtoask Tue 23-Jul-13 11:36:22

First holiday with my DS was when he was 17months old. We went to Fuengirola in Spain in May. The weather was just right, not too hot.

We stayed in a hotel on a half board basis. So food was simple - always something to choose for him to eat from the buffet.

He was happy to play on the beach - with the sand - a bucket and spade. also a splash in the sea.

We went out for day trips etc, he was quite happy in his buggy.

Bedtimes went to pot obviously. He was always a good 7pm-7am sleeper, but of course that doesn't apply on hols. He would stay awake in his buggy, so we could go for a walk after evening dinner, maybe stop off for a drink or two.

It was easy - no problems that I can think of at all.

noramum Sun 21-Jul-13 20:09:53

We prefer self catering. We can do what we want, no issues of sharing a bedroom or being in the suite as soon as DD goes to bed.

I agree with activities in the morning. DD always napped so we came back for lunch and had a rest and hit the beach late afternoon.

At that age no playmates or kids club is necessary. Save your money for when he is 3-4.

Nice is a farm stay, mostly they do self catering but you have some kind of entertainment. You can look for UK ones to stay local and avoid flying.

dotandcarryone Sun 21-Jul-13 19:31:11

Excellent idea about doing adult stuff in the morning. I think we are coming around to the idea that self catering would be the way to go (early meal times just aren't going to happen with a hotel), although that means not being in the back of beyond. I think we would go nuts cooped up in a "compound" for a week.

Hmm. UK might just be easiest, especially if this weather holds...

LittleMissNorty Sun 21-Jul-13 17:54:46

At that age we took DD to sccotland. Done all the adult stuff in the morning whilst she was happy / compliant / napping / strapped down. Went for lunch, found a playground or something more suitable/ child friendly for the afternoon then back by dinner and/or bath and bedtime. Then relaxed in evening in our cottage. Worked well for us bit took us a few days to get sorted. A DVD player in the car with a cBeebies DVD on helped as well.

mummymeister Sun 21-Jul-13 17:49:14

what does an 18 month old want out of holiday? you to give them attention, somewhere to paddle, somewhere to dig, somewhere to play and not much else. so really its up to you to think where you would like to go and fit these things around your child. if you don't want to fly take a ferry or the channel tunnel. IMO don't go anywhere too hot, avoid school summer hols if poss (prices halve outside of them). go self catering rather than hotel but look for somewhere with others. big budget go for all inclusive and a kids club. smaller budget, get a chalet somewhere on a site. personally whilst ours were young we stayed in the UK.

dotandcarryone Sun 21-Jul-13 12:45:24

We are looking for a break with our 18mo but I'm dithering about because i cant think what we are really looking for (other than low stress).

DD has am early bedtime and is a rubbish sleeper, very active and prone to ear infections. We've been offered a week in the back of beyond at a friends mill house in the dolomites but I'm fretting about the remoteness, flying with an ear infection not to mention the practicalities of a mill pond.

we cant leave her behind smile so what are the important thinks for going away with an 18mo? All the holidays online seem geared up for either babies or pre school age.

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