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P20 or ultrasun?

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yztj Sun 21-Jul-13 10:46:22

Was going to stick to SPF 30 for our 2 kids on our holiday in approximate 38 degree heat.

Been looking at previous threads & looked into p20 as an alternative for kids as u only apply once.
I liked the idea of putting it on in the morning & then maybe toping them up every now & then with normal SPF 30. But read somewhere u shouldn't use normal suncream on top of p20.

Kids r mixed race, DS lovely brown colour anyway but DD much paler. I am mixed race also & tan easily but not too bothered about getting a tab so will probably wear similar level cream to the kids.
Have read that some people have burnt using p20. Am bit paranoid about missing a small area & then they get burnt there.
Does it still stain clothes? Or burn the eyes? ( sorry read some strange reviews online!)

Also heard ultrasun pretty good. Or should I stick to normal suncream & if so which one?

So much info out there and just need some sensible advice from fellow mums who have been there & done it smile

centralmum Sun 21-Jul-13 11:23:50

I don't like p20. It does stain clothes. For us ultrasun is the better option.

specialsubject Sun 21-Jul-13 12:12:23

don't trust any once a day suncream. Better than nothing, but you will still need to apply regularly. And they should be covered before leaving the hotel.

temperature not relevant. Latitude, time of year, cloud cover etc are what matters. Your kids should of course be wearing sunsuits and hats, leaving much less to be suncreamed.

Yonihadtoask Tue 23-Jul-13 11:32:15

I have used both.

My DS is also mixed race and tans beautifully. However I do put suncream on him if we are somewhere hot.

Once I missed a bit on his forehead and he did burn a little.

I am white, freckles etc. Tan nowadays, but will burn.

I have used both P20 and Ultrasun. They both work well. I trust them for all day use totally. T hey act in a different way to regular sun creams.

Out of the two though I would go for Ultra sun. Purely because it is a creamy texture - so is a bit more pleasant to apply. I don't think it stains clothes as much as the P20 either.

We do still tan when using these though, just don't burn.

Cali369 Thu 25-Jul-13 15:28:43

I've used both (on myself and kids) and prefer Ultrasun. We found P20 did stain light coloured clothing/items. And for me (blonde/fair skinned) it wasn't enough protection for a whole day.

And P20 had some strict guidance on not using it with any body product that contained silicone (or forms of). Means we had to choose aftersun and body lotion carefully.

Ultrasun have clear/Sports formula which is similar to P20, ie runny and there is a mild sting/fumes when you first apply, but goes quickly. DH totally prefers the sports/clear because it's much easier to apply to hairy bodies!

They also do a family formula which is your regular white cream. And comes in higher SPFs. The Piz Buin All Day Long one is good too - again a white cream.

I have and do totally trust all day products - of course you do have to be more careful on application not to miss any bits as you'll only be doing it once. But as I said I'm fair, burn very easily and haven't used anything else for years now. My stepkids (now all teens) love them as they only have to go through the faff of applying once.

Best tip from my cousin (in Australia where the sun is much more of an issue) which I have followed ever since (when practical) is to apply suncream naked/before you get dressed, much less likely to miss bits like tops of legs/arms etc, especially if you apply methodically (with help).

Cali369 Thu 25-Jul-13 15:30:28

And I think all of the all day ones say you should apply 30 mins before going into the sun - another reason to apply it naked in the apartment/room before you head out!

Suzieismyname Thu 25-Jul-13 15:39:00

Not tried P20 but have used Ultrasun in Greece. Used factor 50 for the DDs there. DH and I used factor 30. He preferred the sports spray. I preferred the cream.
We're using factor 30 on all of us in the UK. The spray gave the girls a bit of a rash so we've stuck to the cream for them.

FairyPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 07:15:08

Have used both and prefer Ultrasun. We don't use anything else now. Apply before getting dressed then it will absorb whilst you're eating breakfast, then won't need to reapply all day. DH would burn in 30 mins without suncream, and this lasts him all day.

P20 stains clothes yellow.

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