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Disneyland Paris with 4yo and 6yo

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MegBusset Sun 14-Jul-13 23:23:10

We're camping near Paris in August and are going to take the DC (4 and 6) to Disneyland. If you have been with similar age children, did you go for one day or two? And did you visit both parks or just the main one? Any other vital info / hints & tips?

MegBusset Mon 15-Jul-13 12:17:03

Bump smile

propitia Mon 15-Jul-13 12:29:13

I took 3y and 6y and we spent 2 days in main park & one in studio next door. was need time to queue in holidays so one day is limiting. Take your own water bottle & snacks as vv expensive in the parks!

PoppyWearer Mon 15-Jul-13 12:34:07

You might not think you need one with DCs that age, but hiring a buggy at the entrance is probably a good plan so that they can take it in turns to rest - your 4yo may even need to have a nap. You can keep it all day, and even go out of the Park/Studios with it.

Plan for a loooong day. The fireworks at closing time are worth it if they can stay awake that long.

MegBusset Mon 15-Jul-13 12:59:55

Hmm, the 4yo is nearly the same size as the 6yo so not sure he would fit in a buggy, or that we'd be able to push him!

If we were going all day we'd take a packed lunch but prob want to get dinner there to save lugging round two picnics... do you have to book in advance at all the restaurants?

Geordieminx Mon 15-Jul-13 13:47:13

There are loads of places to eat, some £££ but some cheap like Macdonald and Earl of Sandwich.

Get there as early as you can. Get queue jumpers if you can.

Also if the dcs have them Nintendo ds type things to keep them occupied in the queue... Otherwise you will probably end up killing them smile

noramum Mon 15-Jul-13 16:38:29

We spend the last June weekend, Friday pm, all day Saturday and Sunday until 3pm in just the Disney Park. We asked DD if she wanted to go over to the WD one but she didn't.

We could have done all things we did in one day but DD wanted to do certain rides more than once. We were lucky, it was fairly bad weather Friday and Saturday morning so queues were short. Sunday was 25 degrees and it was packed, we queued for two rides in the time between lunch and leaving. It is fairly boring to queue, DD actually did her reading homework waiting for some rides. Don't forget, you queue for 1 hr for a 3 minute ride.

Def. take food like sandwiches and drinks with you. Restaurants - yes you need to book, there is a central information point helping you.

The trip was DD's birthday present, she is 6 now. I wouldn't have taken a buggy tbh and the once you can hire look terrible uncomfortable to me.

Iwaswatchingthat Tue 16-Jul-13 16:41:15

We did this with 5 and 6yo DDs. It was truly magical. You will love it.

We did three days in main park and one at the universal.

I would only do the main park if I went again. Universal is small and more for older kids.

To enjoy your days you need to plan, plan and then plan a bit more. We went with the flow on the first day, kept missing stuff and ended up tired and fed up.

The second day we were very organised and it was so much more fun.

Get a guide book and read before you go. Each day a daily flyer tells when and where parades/ character meet and greets are. We spent lots of time getting autographs!!!! Study the daily flyer and make a plan of about five activities e.g. Meet mickey, then go on a ride, then watch parade etc. plan your route around park.

I know this does not sound much fun, but believe me it makes the day much better.

You also need lots of drinks and snacks. You can fill your rucksack with croissants, drinks etc. but you are not allowed a pinic basket or hamper.

If you take screw top bottles you can refill for free at the fountains.

Make sure you get a good place for the parade on Main Street. It is worth sitting down an hour before it starts and using this time to have a picnic whilst you take turns doing toilet trips. It is worth sitting just at point of steps of the castle as the parade stops here and the characters come to the edge and choose children to dance with - it is just lovely.

We only stayed for the fireworks one night and they were fab.

We paid 15 euros a day to park in the eurodisney car park so be aware of this and there was also a toll road on the way. It is too far to go back to car so take all you need with you.

We got away without buggy, but 4yo needed lots of drinks/snacks to keep going. You really can't take too many!!!

Have a brilliant

noramum Tue 16-Jul-13 20:28:19

Look here to get lots of information

MegBusset Tue 16-Jul-13 21:40:45

Thank you all. I have booked tickets today - got a good discount through Canvas (who we're camping with). We have got two-day tickets, plan will be to do morning/afternoon one day, and afternoon/evening the other, to catch as much of the parades/shows as possible. (DC will never manage to last a full day there so two shorter days definitely better!)

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