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Flying to Thailand with a 10mo... Tips please!

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SloeNinja Wed 10-Jul-13 19:55:37

Dh and I are planning to fly for the first time with our ds next year. He will be 10mo (or 11, depending on when we go...).
We'll be flying economy but haven't booked flights yet, hoping to get cheap flights, but wondering if it's better to go direct, or break up the journey - which would also be slightly cheaper. WWYD?
Also hoping all you lovely MNs will have general tips for when we are there... Ds isn't weaned yet but obvs will be when we go, I'm worried about trying to do food prep over there... Also tips on accommodation? And coping with the heat? And what to do when we are there? Will be staying in Bangkok, is it worth attempting trips further afield with a baby?

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 11-Jul-13 02:45:03

Make sure he is vaccinated, health care is excellent in Bkk, especially Samitivej or Bangkok nursing home (hospital actuallY) and affordable..
Re food, he should be weaned, let him try the sticky rice, pork on a stick, etc, but be wary of the fruit that is already peeled and on ice. Nip into a supermarket and get your own.
Bottled water naturally, although Thai tap water is allegedly safe.
Plenty of mozzie spray and sun cream. I'd consider getting long sleeved cotton tops for him.
Thai people love children, especially Farang children, don't be alarmed if someone comes and touches him.
If he is happy in the heat, I'd consider going to other places than Bangkok. Do you want beaches,mountains or more cities?

SloeNinja Thu 11-Jul-13 09:16:20

Thank you kreecher
Maybe a trip to the beach?
Do you know - is it supposed to be cooler in feb than march?

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 12-Jul-13 02:49:17

Yes, i think so. Try to avoid Songkran if possible. You should be able to check when it falls.
The festival of water throwing isn't for everyone smile.
I'd got for somewhere developed - Phuket for example. It isn't as nice as some of the islands, but it does have a decent hospital and infrastructure.

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