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help!!!!!Malta passport requirements

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andwhatnow Tue 09-Jul-13 21:44:42

I am thinking of booking a holiday to malta for me and my son aged 13 to go in a couple of weeks and come back August 1st. I have just discovered that his passport expires. August 9th. says that no extra validity is needed, yet one of the company's that I called today to potentially book it says it would not due to my sons passport. Another company said it would but I am concerned in case there are did difficulties with insurance or the airline etc. why the inconsistencies? What should I do?.!!!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 09-Jul-13 21:47:44

Get an appointment at a passport office to get your ds's passport renewed.

Don't do it by post at this late stage and don't book the holiday until you've got that appointment sorted (ideally until you've actually got his new passport).

jamtoast12 Thu 11-Jul-13 07:05:35

You will be fine. The foreign office tells you the exact requirements per country.

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