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Help needed re what time flight to take with two children on own

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Morgan Sat 03-Jun-06 17:09:22

This summer i will be flying from UK to Dubai (7 hours)on my own with my two children who will be just about 5 and 6 months old. I can't decide what time flight to take. Should i do a night flight and hope they both sleep or at least the baby as the five year old will watch tele etc? or would that be too stressful and should i fly during the day when baby will be mainly awake ? Also have to take into account that for a night flight i will need to arrive at Heathrow at about 7'ish when the baby should be feeding/going to sleep. Dilemma, dilemma - any advice/ comments/experiences would be appreciated to help me decide. Sorry to waffle.

LIZS Sat 03-Jun-06 17:20:53

Personally I'd go in the day and aim to arrive early evening Dubai time, which would be a morning flight I think. Hopefully that would coevr at least one of the baby's naps.

Alipiggie Sat 03-Jun-06 17:22:45

I would go night flight - you're flying towards the dark so that should be better. Done it transatlantic with my two - aged three and two, it was a breeze compared to what I was expecting. Airlines are normally brilliant and you should get a skycot for the little one who wil more than likely sleep from feeding in the airport to arrival. You can tgake you buggy/pram right up to the gate.

Morgan Sat 03-Jun-06 17:42:36

Thanks - erring towards the night but worried about keeping the baby asleep with having to get on the plane hold her for take off - put her in the cot etc and deal with 5 yr old at the same time.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 03-Jun-06 19:02:03

Had a quick look re flights to Dubai departing in the next few days:-

British Airways
LHR departure 12.40 Arrive Dubai 22.35
LHR " 21.40 " " 07.30 next day

Virgin's flights are leaving at 9.00pm

Your five year old will have a seat but your six month old will not be allocated a seat (this child will be on your lap for both take off and landing). You need to also establish whether your six month old will be able to fit into a skycot.

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