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Changing airline ticket - any travel agents out there?

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Morgan Fri 02-Jun-06 17:35:02

I am based in Dubai and need to buy a ticket from the UK but i don't know when i will want to use the return flight. What is the best way to do this? Having looked at several sites it seems it would be best to buy a ticket i can change with a fee and then just pick a random return date which i then change. Buying a flexible ticket seems very expensive. Anyone experiecne of this ideas/advice??

weewilliewinkie Mon 05-Jun-06 08:43:41

Are you buying a ticket departing from the UK to Dubai? If so, you could maybe buy a one way ticket - but you would need to check visa requirements etc as some countries require you to have a return ticket booked and won;t let you in on a one-way.

You can buy a flexble ticket, which means you book a return date and can pay a fee to change it. This all depends on availability, so don't just assume that the date you want to travel will be available. Emirates do flexible return tickets. Check out sta travel - I used to work there and we sold lots of flexible Emirates for pretty good deals. (It's not just for students, btw).

You'd be best off phoning a travel agent and telling them what you need and let them do the work and find you what would suit you best.

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