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Holiday playmate matchmaking site- does it exist?!?

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caramelgirl Wed 26-Jun-13 06:52:10

Ooh, tots to travel quite a good range. I didn't like baby friendly holidays site and assumed tots would be the same. But quite good range of nice looking places. Thanks!

Portofino Mon 24-Jun-13 23:18:30

Have you tried TotsTo? I would not bother with Pierre et Vacances. Accommodation is bad and kids club in French.

caramelgirl Mon 24-Jun-13 13:27:01

Thanks portofino . Think we saw you recommending siblu on another thread and it did look lovely but, we are going 15th September and I think all this sites shut then.
May have do Minorca or something (trying to fly from city airport so restricted choice of destinations) . Holidays, not v relaxing to plan anymore!

Portofino Mon 24-Jun-13 12:11:18

Siblu Lac Des reves is lovely for little ones. Nicely spread out, great kids pool, club twice a day for the small ones - you have to go along though for the under 5s. Their top range mobile homes are lovely.

SilverViking Mon 24-Jun-13 10:51:54

Just search for holidays with kids clubs... That will give you a clue to where some families go. Euro camp/keycamp (staying in mobiles) are super for families, and some brilliant sites in France. Highly recommend as have had brilliant holidays when children were young, right up to teenagers ... But then it is not to everybodys taste!

jenpetronus Mon 24-Jun-13 10:41:27

If you find a gite complex in an area you like you can always email the owner and ask if there are other children of a similar age during the weeks you're looking at? I know Country Kids show this info on their website so you can see ages of children & plan...

caramelgirl Sun 23-Jun-13 20:59:50

Excellent, thank you. Have been trying various searches with not much success but not tried gite complex yet. Another night feed project!

madinmay Sun 23-Jun-13 20:42:37

if you search gite complexes it brings up loads of threads with quite a few reccomends on. Tots to travel comes up quite a lot and has a load of nice gite complexes geared to families.

caramelgirl Sun 23-Jun-13 20:10:02

I mean I know I can't find a family this way but if you could it would open up a lot more places to stay. Anyway, shall while away the night feeds looking at holiday villages- thank you!

caramelgirl Sun 23-Jun-13 20:08:36

Are they all a bit soulless tho'- only time I've been is school leaving/uni hols so a) lower budget and b) some (ahem) time ago.
Husband convinced they'll be sterile and awful. Tbh if we could have heated pool, beach and friends for her I 'd prob stay most anywhere. But would be good to be able to Internet play date match a vaguely compatible family.

uselessinformation Sun 23-Jun-13 18:37:06

First choice holiday villages or similar is where your child will meet others to play with.

caramelgirl Sun 23-Jun-13 12:20:31

Just returned from exhausting hol with newborn and 3y9m DD. No other children at nice multi gite resort so we had to do alot of playing. We all prefer it when she makes new friends and we sit anf keep a watchful eye whilst reading/relaxing.

All of our friends have much younger children so wouldn't suit for joint holiday. Trying to psych selves up for Pierre et Vscamces but prefer look of more independent Bordeaux places for September hol.

Any ideas how we might try to find a compatibly aged family, tbh, wouldn't care if parents were rabid daily mail readers as we would have separate accommodation.

Felt v sorry for her (and me) this hol and want to make holiday more fun for her and relaxing for us. DH works all the hours there are so it is usually our time to see each other and remember why we are married etc.. Not even chance to chat this time without baby/big girl interruptions.

Any suggestions gratefully received. And I know we are v v lucky to go on holidays more than once a year, I do appreciate this.


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