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Budgeting and planning

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misspollysdolly Fri 21-Jun-13 08:54:09

We are going to Amsterdam for a week at the start of the school holidays. We have been before so we have a fair idea of the things we want to do with our time, but we are travelling with four DCs (13y down to 22mths) this time - last time we only had the older two! Flights are paid for, accommodation sorted and money is aside for this and we have been insistently saving since booking in January - this in itself feels very grown-up as we have always been much more on the 'last minute and wing-it' side of holidays...! I've not a clue about excel spreadsheets and rigid planning is not my skill-set but I feel the need to get my head around the cost of things and an idea of a daily budget of sorts....can anyone at all give me some advice on where to start with this...?? I don't want to get half way through the week and find that actually we can't really afford to be on holiday and I'm starting to feel a bit twitchy about it. I also want to go and not be fretting so much that I don't enjoy this precious family time away in a city that we love....heeeeelp!! Where do I start?

Several things that might help replies: we have booked breakfast at our accommodation each morning - continental, help yourself style breakfast, so will fill up on that and probably take some extras with us! There's a card that offers significant discounts in Amsterdam (iamsterdam card) which might be helpful, but doesn't offer discounts on all the things we hoped to do and we can't figure out the number of days to take out. Plus there's no 'children's card' so I'm boggled by how many if us need to purchase one for it to be economical. If someone more maths-minded than me can help, I'd be so grateful...!

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