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Disney Theme Park Confusion

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Shelly32 Thu 20-Jun-13 08:57:24

Hi, I was wondering whether any of you lovely MNetters could help me. I've been on the Disney US site trying to buy tickets for the theme parks. I want to do Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon. There is an option for a 3 day ticket which includes a theme park per day and also a water park and more option. Does this option give me another day (in total 4) so we can go to the water park or do we have to squeeze that into one of the three days?
Thank you

Tobagostreet Thu 20-Jun-13 09:01:58

Hi Shelly, that sounds like you're pricing up a Magic Your Way ticket. You will only get 3 days to use this, so would have to do 2 parks in one of your days to make the most of it.

Have you looked at the UK site? You may be cheaper (and will definitely have more flexibility) with a 7 day park hopper ticket (it may be called an ultimate ticket). Means you can go to any parks, any day within a 7 consecutive day period.

99 days till I got to Orlando!

mummymeister Thu 20-Jun-13 10:07:11

3 days means 3 days and not 4. agree with Tobago you would be better off getting a 7 day nd not rushing it. 1 park per day is pretty hard going. remember also that the water parks sometimes shut mid morning because they are full.

Shelly32 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:31:21

Thank you both! Oh, I assumed the 3 days + water park included an extra day for the water park. Thank goodness I asked or we'd have been tearing around like there was no tomorrow!
Ooh have fun Tobagostreet! It's exactly 4 weeks today that we go and I am dreaming my days away!!!

Tobagostreet Thu 20-Jun-13 19:08:58

4 weeks!!! How lovely - hope you have an amazing time grin

Shelly32 Fri 21-Jun-13 09:51:24

Thanks!! You too! I have to say I'm a little confused now as i went to and they said a 3 day base ticket = water park fun and more (£860 for 2 adults and 2 kids) gives you 3 days in the parks and 3 days in the water parks, so essentially 6 days... That surely can't be right...

ihatethecold Sat 22-Jun-13 07:41:17

Floridatix have got 5% off their Disney tickets ATM.
I used them a couple of years ago.

Tobagostreet Sat 22-Jun-13 12:24:36

Just had a look at that website. These are not ticket choices I've ever seen before, but you're right in that it's offering a 3 day park ticket ( with 1 day free now taking it to 4 days) plus water park admission on extra days.

If it works out better for you price wise I'd go with it.

I prefer the ability to park hop and do a way park in the morning plus Epcot at night, hence me recommending the ultimate ticket.

Just bought my Discovery Cove tickets today - yippee!grin

Shelly32 Sat 22-Jun-13 14:46:11

I like the idea of park hopping too but the girls are small and I think it'll take a day to do one park properly with them walking (or us carrying them more like!).
Discovery Cove looks amazing! I really wanted to do that too but DDs are too young to swim with the dolphins.
We go mid July but haven't had our tickets through from FloridaMasters yet. Should I be worried or is that normal to not get tickets until a few weeks before?

Tobagostreet Sat 22-Jun-13 16:01:54

Different ticket companies work different ways. Most ask you your departure date and only dispatch the tickets close to your date. If you're at all nervous about it, I'd contact them.

You're right in that walking round the parks is difficult for little ones - last time we went my 5yo DS needed to be in a buggy most of the days (ended up buying a cheap one there rather than hiring from Disney daily).

hermioneweasley Sat 22-Jun-13 16:08:58

Sooooo jealous!

Happymum22 Sat 22-Jun-13 16:17:43

I know this depends on how long you've booked flights to be out there for but I would really recommend doing it slowly. We went to the parks for opening each day then stayed til around 2 then returned at around 5 to go on a few more rides then have dinner (often at a different park and see a show, this was staying in a Disney hotel though). Each afternoon we would go back to the hotel and swim then shower before returning to the park. I recognise this wouldn't work for all families, my kids were 8+ when we did this so were happy to leave the park without a fuss and able to stay up late for the shows some nights.

We went to each park at least twice (we were there 10 days). We did it slow and picked a few rides for each day then a few more for the evening.

It worked really well for us and made the holiday a bit more chilled with the afternoon swim and re-charge before the evening. Also meant DD didn't get as grumpy and tired as she had a bit of a rest from all the excitement. Might not work for everyone though- just thought I'd share.

Have fun!!

Shelly32 Mon 24-Jun-13 17:29:36

Tobagostreet Thanks! I emailed them and they said 3 weeks before departure which is some point this week! Yay! As for the trekking with small ones- we have single buggies that we could take on the plane with us. Then if they got hot/tired, they could nap and we could get around without achey arms/backs from carrying. What a plan! Is it safe to leave the buggies outside the rides though?
Happymum22 Thank you! We're not on site but a recharge sounds good. I think if we take the car, we'll maybe do somthing likethat on some of the days but not if we get the transfer bus from the hotel as waiting around will be a rea pain. You have to pay to park so I'm hoping that if you leave the park, you can return free of charge the same day and don't have to pay out for parking again.

Tobagostreet Mon 24-Jun-13 20:18:33

There are dedicated 'stroller parks' outside each ride/attraction. They're very safe. Obviously don't leave any valuables, but drinks/wipes/nappies etc are often left in buggies at the parks and are fine.

It's a daily charge for parking - a whopping 15 dollars per day, but you only pay once regardless of how many parks you visit. Worth remembering that the water parks and downtown Disney do not charge for parking grin, so you don't need to budget for parking on those visit days.

Tobagostreet Mon 24-Jun-13 20:20:30

Oh, forgot to say, as so many people are coming and going, dedicated Disney 'stroller' staff may move your buggy to make space for others, but it will always be in the same stroller park and easy to find.

Shelly32 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:07:32

Tobagostreet, you sound like a seasoned Disney goer!! Thanks for those tips. Good to know if we take the buggies they're safe! We'll definitely take the car to the water park!!
I did start another thread about how much money to take and pretty much everyone decided £500 per week was really pushing it. I looked online and it looks like kids eat free with paying adults in quite a few places and early bird discounts look really good too. Do you know much about eating out in Orlando and where the best places to eat cheaply but well are?

Tobagostreet Wed 26-Jun-13 20:37:23

500 will be stretching, but not too difficult if you plan a bit in advance.

There are loads of cheap places to eat - and you will only need breakfast / snack / evening meals, as portions are huge, and I struggle to be hungry enough for lunch (can ALWAYS fit in a churro or 2 thoughblush)

It's not my 1st choice, but places like The Ponderosa and Golden Corral are all you can eat buffet style restaurants, and I know that The Ponderosa defo take the kids eat free cards. The quality is OK, but it can get a bit hectic as they're always busy. There is a great selection of food. Like I say, not my 1st choice, but my kids LOVE it, as does DH.

It can be expensive to eat in the parks, but if you must, try going to the burger restaurants where there is a separate 'toppings bar' where you can supplement the meal. That way you can share a meal between 2 and it goes a little further (it's quite common, you won't feel embarrassed). Otherwise you are allowed to take in small snacks from outside.

Are you staying at a villa? If so, you've got a great option of going to wallmart and getting breakfasts and dinner in (rotisserie or fried chicken, salad and bread being a common dinner for my lot).

Even if you're staying at a hotel, takeaway pizza is cheap and huge.

When you're sick of fast food, try Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet style salad restaurant. Sign up on their website to get weekly discount coupons.

Pick up the discount coupon books in stores and malls, you will not be judged for using them!

Have a read at the DIBB forums, you'll find lots of advice on food/spending budgets. grin

Shelly32 Thu 27-Jun-13 15:29:32

THIS is just the info I needed! Sneaking in small snacks is a great idea and if we buy buffet breakfast at our hotel, kids eat free so that works out okay too. You're right, it's not usual to want three big meals a day so that automatically cuts big spending on lunch. I like the idea of rotisserie chicken and that salad place sounds right up my street!
Thank you so much!
Buying Disney tickets tonight and I can't wait! We were going to forgo Seaworld so we'd have more money for food but if £500 is just about manageable, I might just go ahead and book tickets for there too! Thanks again!!!

MOSagain Fri 28-Jun-13 20:44:18

There are numerous different tickets available. They used to do a 5 or 7 day park ticket which included the same number of water park tickets as additional days, so 5+5 or 7+7.

suebfg Sun 30-Jun-13 12:07:56

The tickets I have looked at are 2 days park and then you can add on 2 days waterpark at additional cost i.e. you do get 4 days in total.

suebfg Sun 30-Jun-13 12:09:33

PS Don't bother buying any food in the parks - you can take in a decent sized cooler bag. The quality of food is not great in the parks but more importantly, there are long long queues for food. So you waste valuable time!!!!

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