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WWYD? More airtime in more comfort or less airtime in less comfort?

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BebeBelge Tue 18-Jun-13 05:17:44

We are living overseas and are lucky enough to be able to fly home this summer in business class at the expense of DH's employer. There are 2 possible routes:

Route One: 10 hr night flight then a 3 hour stopover followed by 7 hour daytime flight. Both flights will have flat bed seats, excellent entertainment, and are with Emirates who have a reputation for being a nice airline, v child-friendly etc. etc.


Route 2: 12 hr daytime flight then a 2 hour stopover followed by a 3 hour daytime flight. This would be with KLM. The long flight does not have flat-beds and from experience at least one of the entertainment systems will be broken, food is so-so and the second flight will not have entertainment as it is shorthaul.

We have 3 dcs - 5yo, almost 3yo and 13mo. 13mo will be on our laps and is too big for the cot/bassinet, 2 yr old will have a seat.

What do you think? I am veering towards Emirates as it might be a nicer experience and it avoids 10hrs+ on one flight as I personally lose the will to live on planes past the 9/10 hr mark! But DH thinks we should do KLM and get there quicker! We have agreed to let Mumsnet decide for us as we cannot agree on this!

PS. Totally realise that this is an utterly insignificant problem in the grand scheme of...just about everything else really blush but we need to book flights soon!

CitrusyOne Tue 18-Jun-13 05:21:10

I'd choose comfort every time.

bangersmashandbeans Tue 18-Jun-13 05:25:03

Go Emirates! Comfort aside if you would like your luggage to arrive with you then don't fly KLM!!

BebeBelge Tue 18-Jun-13 05:25:11

Even with 3 small wriggly children?

LoveBeingUpAt4InTheMorning Tue 18-Jun-13 05:25:38

A comfortable night flight rather than a whole in comfortable day,

BebeBelge Tue 18-Jun-13 05:25:51

Thanks, Bangers!

GTbaby Tue 18-Jun-13 05:28:54


TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 05:29:05

We fly from the Far East back to the UK - not business, so its uncomfortable whatever airline we choose.

We fly into Manchester so have to change somewhere in Europe (we avoid Heathrow like the plague). I love it that we only have a short (2 hours) final flight.

An 10+ hour flight is long enough - it would be very depressing to have to get on another long-ish flight (3+) after that

but if you can sleep on the first one, it may be fine

TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 05:30:14

we are flying KLM this summer - keep your fingers crossed our luggage arrives grin

BebeBelge Tue 18-Jun-13 05:44:34

The staff on KLM are lovely though, TanteRose!

FanjoPaterson Tue 18-Jun-13 05:48:50

Comfort. Plus, there's usually more legroom on emirates so your 13 mo will be less likely to attack the back of the person in front's seat.

And the luggage. It gets there with emirates.

StrawberrytallCAKE Tue 18-Jun-13 05:54:02

Emirates!! Your 13mo could snuggle up on the lie flat with you so might sleep more.

TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 05:59:38


I don't really care what airline it is - just really looking forward to seeing my family again! woo-hoo grin

mirai Tue 18-Jun-13 05:59:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 06:00:00

(that was to Bebe)

TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 06:00:35

hi mirai smile

TanteRose Tue 18-Jun-13 06:01:27

anything happening on your Living in Japan thread?

<wanders over>

mirai Tue 18-Jun-13 06:03:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FamiliesShareGerms Tue 18-Jun-13 06:16:58

Comfort - you're losing two days and are going to be knackered whichever route you do, so may as well have the better experience at the cost of a few more hours

PoppyAmex Tue 18-Jun-13 06:18:58

We did Sydney / Europe many times and I'd go for comfort every time.

Plus you might even get upgraded if Business is full; happened to me a few times and I was a happy bunny!

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 18-Jun-13 07:13:18

I'd be doing routing number one with Emirates in your case.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 18-Jun-13 07:16:21

Presumably the KLM flight will arrive into somewhere like Schipol in the Netherlands. Would also avoid for that reason as well.

takeaway2 Tue 18-Jun-13 07:20:50

Comfort! Plus the night flight will hopefully mean you get to sleep. My son at 3 years old flying with me and a 4 month old slept on a night flight to the Far East on his own accord. It can be done.

BebeBelge Tue 18-Jun-13 09:38:35

Ooh! thanks for ther replies everyone! Not what I was expecting at all. I thought everyone would agree with DH and say with young DC it would be better to just get there as quick as possible!

Upgraded from business??? Now there's a thought!

kelly14 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:58:13

Emirates definitely!
Its the only airline we fly with and generally travel business class and have since dd was 5 months old (8 yrs now) and we fly allllot!! (although don't get me wrong they have gone down hill in recent years with food etc) we just flew back from Brisbane business class and it was ok.

What plane will you be on? some of the older planes business class is not great, in that seats are old and tired. Best thing would be to be on the A380 as the new seats upstairs are fantastic plus there is a bar at the back lol

Obv using the business lounge is a bonus (don't know where you are coming from but the Australia lounges are not so great, but still better than nothing plus lots of champagne!)

An upgrade from business to first would be extremely rare lol, unless you are a gold card skyward holder as these customers would be the first to be offered the upgrade. My parents often get upgraded to first and had their own rooms!

Have fun x

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