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Can anyone recommend a good baby carrier - not too expensive?

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sandradee Tue 30-May-06 14:10:11

We are going to Wales and want to carry our DS (2 stone at 14 months so fairly large) on our backs since the buggy won't be suitable. Ideally it needs to be waterproof and comfortable for us and him.

Does anyone have any recommendations. We need to be able to buy it quickly, too


Twiglett Tue 30-May-06 14:13:36

here you go .. similar thread started yesterday

willow2 Tue 30-May-06 14:20:15

Am I th only person who has noticed the "find the best" section of this site? There's a section for backpacks here

lazycow Wed 31-May-06 11:22:28

You might also find this useful to take along as well. Not great for a long day out hiking but really light and easy to use if you are taking a short trip out or just getting in and oput of the car for short trips. Ds 18 months rides in this all the time and it is really comfortable.


Bramshott Wed 31-May-06 11:32:10

We got a Vango one from a camping shop (Imp? Elf? Goblin? Something like that anyway!) which was substantially cheaper than many we'd seen in the parenting catalogues (about £60 incl sun and rain cover). It was good and we used it until about 2.5, although I guess that some of the more expensive ones would be more comfortable if you're going to be walking all day, every day.

LittleB Wed 31-May-06 12:10:03

We've got a vango swing, I bought it second hand on e-bay but its in really good condition and i would recommend it. There are loads on e-bay.

LittleB Wed 31-May-06 12:11:41

Oooops meant vaude not vango!

sandradee Fri 02-Jun-06 14:10:24

Thanks everyone - went out a got a Macpac Possum after reading the reviews. DS seems to like it and it's great becaues its comfortable for DH to use (I'm not going to be the one carrying DS!)

Let's hope we get lost of use out of it as it was certainly not cheap once you have bought all the accessories to go with it.

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