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Visit London with 18-month old, Harrods or Hamleys?

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littlegirl Mon 29-May-06 13:58:08


I posted this under 'Travel' but subject is perhaps more appropriate. We will spend the weekend in London and I want to spend a couple of hours in a toy store so my toddler can be deliriously happy among all the toys :-) If I can pick only one place, which should it be, Harrod's or Hamleys? Thanks!!

nicnack2 Mon 29-May-06 14:00:30

hamleys, i remeber being taken there by my mother when i was young. ( mind you things always look better as you get older)

fuzzywuzzy Mon 29-May-06 14:07:59

hamleys for toys.

scienceteacher Mon 29-May-06 14:14:32

Harrods - it is a fab toy store, especially for an 18-month old, and not as frantic as Hamleys.

Aero Mon 29-May-06 14:16:31

Agree with science teacher.

Mercy Mon 29-May-06 15:05:31

Hamley's can get very busy, so I would go for Harrods myself. Also, you will be near to the park and the museums.

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