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Nice place in France for December?

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Hollyboo Mon 29-May-06 12:19:42

Looking for somewhere nice to go this Christmas, hoping for France (nice short flight) Is there anywhere that anyone can recommend, nice weather and accomodation? DD will be one year old then.

lapsedrunner Mon 29-May-06 19:09:31

Can't recomend a particular place (for Dec) but if you are considering self catering look at

karenj1980 Mon 29-May-06 19:54:00

Hi or com

have a look at the web site its amazing. I go there a bit, the owners are my friends. It is lovely out there. My DD will be 10 months by December so there will be her toys to play with and all the things that you need to pack!! I went out recently and dd had the big suitcase whilst me and dh had a rucsac. x

Hollyboo Tue 30-May-06 18:18:31

Ah thanks for that girls, Karen I have added that site to my favourites to show dh when he gets home. No toys to pack? That would be great, thanks a mill hon

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